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I have actually a 2002 emphasis ZTS through ZETEC engine that now only clicks when I shot to begin the engine. Battery appears to it is in fine (all interior and also exterior lights work). Ns would favor to change the Starter Relay prior to submitting to a Dealer checkup. Difficulty is identify which relay is the exactly one!! Handbook is confusing. Any type of suggestions??

Relay 17 in the passenger compartment fuse panel.Clicking relays room usually a sign of a dieing battery; her "lighting works" check isn"t yes, really valid due to the fact that the starter motor will conveniently put the most electrical load ~ above the battery.
I would attend to agree.. Battery was recently replaced (not constantly an indicator that all is currently well), yet no previous indicators of a battery problem. Auto worked fine one minute next it only clicked. Ns was hope to replace the Starter Relay before spending a business fee in ~ the Dealer. Much better $20. 보다 $75.

Bad link due to battery replacement?if its a great solid click then most most likely its battery... I had a case 3 years ago where ns was chasing miscellaneous down and tried jumper cables and over night charges however the battery would host a voltage but not a charge. So ns figured it to be the starter... ~ a starter replacement cable replacement finally swapped batteries and started right up. It was the battery the whole time... Mother in law just got a new battery from a huge box store and also had a dead cell and after having actually a store clerk check a couple of others in share all with that lot of number had actually a dead cell...
2001 ZX3 Zetec - Rebuild "The TICK" ( ZX5 SVT - reconstruction "Code surname Rocket" (

Under those scenarios then, I would hope the battery terminals were cleaned and also secured correctly on the battery short articles when the battery was replaced. Could I ask why the battery was replaced? If the wasn"t just age, you may be treating a symptom (another dead battery) and also not the reason (faulty charging system, for example.)Relays don"t fail that frequently - despite it"s not unheard of - lock usually simply click because they"re no getting sufficient juice.A voltage reading on the battery through a borrowed multimeter can save you that $75 dealer diagnostic fee.At the very least, inspect the battery terminals for tightness. Might be as basic as a loosened connection.

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Ok, I"m stupid!!!! simply tried jumping the car and of course it started just fine!! Bad assumption because the the lights, radio etc.. Working... Thanks for forcing me to shot the battery.
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