Ford Escape

Passenger compartment fuse dashboard (2001-2004)

The fuse panel is located on the left hand side absent panel.


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AFused function
15Canister vent regulate solenoid
25Blower relay (coil), press switch to PCM, Blower Relay (coil), behind Defrost Relay (coil; as much as 2002)
310Rear wiper motor, rear washer motor, rear wiper relay (coil)
410Four-wheel drive regulate module, swarm (restraints control warning)
55ABS unit (EVAC &FILL), ASC unit, Restraints regulate Module (RCM), ASC main SW come ASC unit, Clock spring switch (as the 2003)
610Flasher unit, Reversing lamps, Park help Module (PAM; together of 2003)
710Passive Anti-theft Transceiver (PATS), Restraints control Module, EEC fuse (as of 2003)
810Cluster, change lock relay (coil), O/D signal come PCM, GEM (as of 2003), E/C autolamp mirror (as that 2003)
93PCM relay (coil), fan relay 1, 2, 3 (coil), A/C relay (coil)
1020Front wiper motor, prior washer motor
1110ACC relay (coil), an essential interlock solenoid, GEM, IGN Relay (coil; approximately 2002), Starter Relay (coil; as much as 2002)
125Radio, Clock (up to 2002)
13Not used
1420Cigar lighter
1515Park lamp relay, Front position lamps, patent lamps, Tail lamps, Park lamp relay (coil), Trailer fuse, Illumination fuse
1610Cluster, power mirror, GEM, Heated seats (as of 2003)
1715Sun roof motor
185Illumination for: Cluster, Heater unit, Radio, risk switch, rear defrost switch, 4WD switch, former fog switch
1910Subwoofer amp
2015Turn Indicators, front Side rotate Lamps, Front turn lamps, Rear turn lamps, Trailer turn, Flasher unit
2110Trailer place lamps
2215Not used
2320as that 2002: Horn relay
15up come 2001: Horn
2415Stoplamps, High an installed stoplamp, Trailer stoplamp, ABS unit, ASC unit (Brake Pedal position Switch), PCM, shift solenoid
2530Power home window motors
2630Power door lock motors, GEM (door lock relay coil), strength seat, 4WD relay (as that 2003)
2710GEM, Audio, Cluster, internal lamp, Map lamp, Cargo lamp, Datalink connector (as the 2003)
ACCAccessory relay


The fuse panel is situated on the right-hand next of the facility console, by the instrument panel. Remove the panel cover to accessibility the fuses.


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AFused function
115Trailer tow park lamps
2Not used
315 Front and also rear park lamps
410 Ignition switch
52Powertrain regulate Module (PCM relay), Fuel pump relay, key fan relay, High/Low rate fan relay 2, PATS module
615 Center High-Mounted protect against Lamp (CHMSL), avoid lamps, PCM, Anti-lock Brake system (ABS), rate control, Brake On-Off switch
710Instrument cluster, Diagnostic connector, power mirror switch, Radio
85as of 2007: Canister vent
930Power door locks, power seats
1015 Heated mirrors
1115 Sunroof, Electrochromatic mirror
13Not used
14Not used
1530Power windows
1615 Subwoofer
1715Low beams
1810 4WD
19Not used
2015 Horn
2110 up come 2006: rear wiper motor, behind wiper washer
15as that 2007: rear wiper motor, behind wiper washer
2210 Instrument cluster
23Not used
2420Cigar lighter
2520Front wiper motor, former wiper washer
265Climate regulate system mode switch
275Canister vent (up to 2006), Speed regulate cancel switch
2810 Instrument cluster
2910 Reverse park aid
30Not used
31Not used
3210 Brake-Transmission shift lock
3315 Air bag module, Passenger wait bag Deactivation (PAD) indicator lamp, Occupant category Sensor (OCS)
345ABS module, Evac and Fill, speed control
355Heated seat module, 4WD


FuseAFused function
H/L LH15Headlamp (high/low left, High beams)
H/L RH15Headlamp (high/low right, High beams)
HE GO15HEGO 1,2, CMS 1,2, VMV
FUEL20Fuel pump, EEC (FPM)
HTD SEATS30Heated seats (if equipped)
INJ30EEC (VPWR), EVR, MAF, ns AC, Bulkhead, HEGO fuse (as of 2003)
ALT15Alternator/ Regulator
DRL15Daytime to run Lamps (DRL) unit (feed), DRL relay
DRL215DRL module
PWR 115Auxiliary power point
FOG20Foglamps, Foglamp indicator
A/C15A/C clutch
ABS25Anti-Lock Brake system (ABS) SOL, EVAC &FILL (as of 2003)
PWR 215Auxiliary strength point
IG MAIN40Starter
HTR40Blower motor, Blower motor relay
BTN 140JB - Accessory relay, Radio, TNS relay, Cigarlighter, Cluster, power mirror, GEM, Accessory hold-up relay (as the 2003), Powerwindows (as that 2003), strength moonroof (as the 2003), Clock (up come 2002)
(ABS)60ABS motor, EVAC &FILL (as the 2003)
BTN 240JB - Radio, CD changer, Cluster, Dome lamps, Map lamps, Cargo lamps, Horn relay (as of 2003), GEM, power locks (as the 2003), Speed control (as the 2003)
MAIN FAN40(2.0L)Main fan
RDEF30Rear defroster
ADD FAN40(2.0L)Add fan
EEC main ISOEEC relay
FUEL PUMP ISOFuel pump relay
MAIN pan ISOLow-speed fan control relay (2.0L engine)High-speed fan manage relay i (3.0L engine)
ADD fan ISOHigh-speed fan control relay 1 (2.0L engine)Low-speed fan regulate relay (3.0L engine)
DEF RELAY ISORear defroster relay
ST RELAY ISOStarter relay
ADD fan 2 ISOHigh-speed fan regulate relay 2 (3.0L engine)Medium-speed fan control relay (2.0L engine)
FOG RELAY MICROFoglamp relay
A/C RELAY MICROA/C clutch relay
H/L RELAY MICROHeadlamp (high/low, right/left relay)

No.AFused function
1Not used
225Headlamp power
325High beams, rotate signals, interior lamps, Headlamp power
45Keep Alive strength (KA PWR)
515 Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen (HEGO) sensors
620Fuel pump
740RUN/ACC relay -Electrochromatic mirror, Cigar lighter, Front and also rear wipers
830Powertrain regulate Module (PCM), Injectors and coil
915 Alternator
1030Heated seats
1110 PCM
1220Power point
1320Fog lamps
1415 A/C clutch, A/C relay
1530Anti-lock Brake system (ABS) solenoid
1625I/P fuse dashboard (RUN/START)
1750Ignition (main)
1840Blower motor
1940Accessory delay relay - Subwoofer and 4WD, low beam
2140Horn, CHMSL, Cluster, power locks and power seats
2240 (I4)Cooling fan
50 (V6)
2340Rear defroster, Park lamps relay
2440 (I4)High/Low rate fan
50 (V6)
R2PCM relay
R3Fuel pump relay
R4Cooling pan relay
R5High/Low speed fan relay 1
R6Blower motor relay
R7Starter relay
R8High/Low speed fan relay 2
R9Fog lamps relay
R10A/C relay
D1Not used
D2A/C diode