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Hello,I have a 2004 Malibu LS 3.5l V6. My examine engine light is on and I notice that since it got cold the end the car has been starting rough because that the past couple of days.I hooked up a engine irradiate computer and also the code claimed that the coolant temperature is reduced than the thermostat gauge says it is.I have actually bought a coolant temperature sensor and also just need instructions as exactly how to replace it. I am handy however by no means a mechanic so if you can include a diagram that would certainly be great!Thanks
The ECTS is items 3 in the illustration You"re claimed to drainpipe the coolant to the level below the sensor, apply the sealer (P/N 13246004) come the sensor threads, and also then tighten it come 15 ft-lb. V that said, if it were registering yes, really low temperature, the trouble is most likely a damaged circuit (most frequently inside the electrical connector). There should be a 5V on one of the terminals v the crucial on and also ground ~ above the various other terminal.

Hello,I have a 2004 Malibu LS 3.5l V6. My check engine irradiate is on and also I notification that because it acquired cold out the vehicle has been beginning rough for the past couple of days.I hooked up a engine irradiate computer and the code claimed that the coolant temperature is reduced than the thermostat gauge claims it is.I have actually bought a coolant temperature sensor and just require instructions as just how to replace it. I am handy however by no method a mechanic therefore if girlfriend can incorporate a chart that would be great!Thanks
Did the code take place to be P0128, coolant temperature listed below thermostat regulation temperature? If not then ignore the rest. If so, it is more than likely going to it is in the thermostat. If you room going come be instead of the temp sensor girlfriend might too replace the thermostat to cover that base rather of loosing more coolant in the future if the code comes ago after replacing the sensor.
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Thanks for the information folks. I changed the coolant temperature sensor and also everything appears to be ago to normal. In fact, i am in reality getting far better gas mileage currently according to the info on the radio.Thanks Again!
You"re quite welcome and also thanks for the update.
I too have actually the exact same problem. Tried to go to the web attend to given to view the diagram however get the post that the particular address has either been moved or deleted. Would appreciate getting a link to an engine diagram showing both the ect sensor and thermostat.Thanks, guys.
The coolant sensor is situated on the chauffeurs side of the car on the behind of the engine block. I will take a snapshot and write-up it shortly. An extremely easy come replace just make certain that you drain the coolant very first before you attempt to remove and also replace it.
Thanks a ton for the photos. Will write-up again after completing the change.
Thanks a ton because that the pictures. Would additionally appreciate if you would post a snapshot of the connected thermostat . I recognize it would certainly be better to readjust the thermostat as well at the exact same time. Is this correct?Thanks again.

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I very own a 2007 malibu maxx v the 3.5 litre engine. Freshly the engine temp. Gauge stopped working and the coolant fans are constantly running. Also check engine light come on. Ns disconnected negative battery cable come reset light and also installed a brand-new coolant temp. Sensor. Temp gauge worked and also cooling fans functioned correctly for approximatey 100 miles till my wife started the automobile after occupational today and also temp. Gauge is not working and also cooling fans room constantly to run again ,but no check engine irradiate yet. Likewise hooked up my code reader to view what the code was , however all the comes up on the screen is linking error! can anyone help me please?
I have a 2004 malibu LT V6 v 50,000 K. Acquired the inspect engine warning and when ns scanned acquired the P0128 warning. Are you suggesting to change the thermostat first (most likely) and also sensor second. If I have actually to drain to change the thermostat and sensor should I just replace both parts. That is the original thermostat (10 year old!)

The previous write-up is more than 3 years old, so you are not likely to get a answer from them.As for her problem, what does the temp gauge indicate? have the right to you inspect the engine temp with one more instrument? A point at temp gun? ns would imply replacing the thermostat only, yet if the job is big and you only want to execute the job once, it can be ideal to replace both items in ~ the very same time.More information would aid and her financial situation and your level of mechanical capability also come into play. Perform you have actually the time come tinker through it?Many of this decisions space yours to make.
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