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I have actually a 2003 400 outlander that keeps fouling plugs, appears to it is in worse at short speed/rpms. Ns took the carb out, cleaned it, set the float. It operation great, however still fouls the plug. I tried adjusting the pilot screw, I can turn the in till it bottoms out and it actually boosts the idle speed. I checked the sparkplug through the pilot screw bottomed out (at idle), it looks pretty good. Hands-on says it should be 2 - 2.5 transforms open. What should I be searching for in the carb? walk the pilot screw change fuel or waiting flow?
It looked brand factory brand-new when ns bought it.And I just bought it.There is a display under the chair of the to rise needle.Clean it and also see what the does.Then to express to above pics ^^^You are never going to win.I am appropriate now, at this minute, in the process of installation all brand-new fuel line with an inline outlaw gyeongju sintered filter just before the carb.A brand-new fuel pumpFlushed out the selector valve.Pulling and also flushing the tank againAnd beginning all new.I have the opposite trouble as you. Mine runs wot every day long yet it wont idle and its also fouling plugs badly.Better yet still not acceptable for a carbureted 400Im starting to think theyre all relatedAgain refer to picsIm no saying what ns doing solved mine permanently.....yet. As I am in the center of installation everything and putting it ago together right currently then shooting it increase on a brand-new plug and a brand new cheap amazon carb, bench set, prepared to go, 2 transforms out.But the should.I am done with this i probably might have gained away with putting a new fuel pump on it and going another 10 years but there are so countless threads around these years and models the Im not going to perform this again. Ever. Once and for all.Stay tuned and I`ll let friend know.It every started as soon as I went to readjust the idle top top a ride since it was low and wanting to die on me.Ran great for three weekends before that.I had gloves top top so as soon as I propelled the fuel lines the end of the means the make reservation grommet came out that the tank and spilled 3/4 of a tank that gas ~ above a hot engine.After acquiring towed back.I confirm it out as soon as I gained it home and that thing was rotten. So was the various other one. The tank strainers were loose and rattling about inside the the tank.The only thing left that the "submersible" poly line to be a little bit still attached to among the strainers.I started with draining and also flushing the tank, reinstalling the in-tank strainers with brand-new poly line from the dealer and also cleaning the display under the rise needle seat, and plugs.Lots of new plugs.Some of them ns yanked and cleaned through the cable wheel ~ above the grinder and stuck them ago in.They to be brand new plugs.Then ns tried adjusting the carb, adjusting the choking enricher, lubing the throttle and also choke cables and also adjusting them. Leaving a tiny over spec slack so I can eliminate any type of friction in either cable.Then i yanked the carb fully out and disassembled it.Thats as soon as I found the guideline of the air/fuel mix screw had been previously broken off by someone who additionally boogered up a screw.I slapped in an amazon carb while ns ordered a rebuild kit because that the mikuni bsr33- those the deserve to am submodel? 49 or 46 or watever I have actually it somewhere.....I checked the valves. FineThe timing, back it no seem prefer timing ~ above mine. Top top yours.....? We would certainly probably need to have an ext information.

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Yet Im saying start there. With that screen.What else,,,,,remove the decompressor turn off the timing chain sprocket/cam sprocket when you are in there checking the valves!All these have taken ar in stages over time as i tried something and also it worked.But not for long.I have actually a test track out back where I can warm that up and run it at every speeds and get it warm like on a genuine trail ride.all problems including 4lo absent crawling and deep creek crossing however no deep mud.Sorry we dont have that aroud here.So ns am about to gain it ago together and fire it up wish me luck good luck v yours its precious it trust me youll be happy you did even if it is it fixes mine or not and I relocate on come something else(???) it required to it is in done.I wish someone had done this before me 5 years earlier but the looked brand brand-new I cant really blame them.At least the po and also the initial owner took care of the clutch and the jets on mine :grinthese things space badazz hill climbers.