You to be told on her last oil adjust on your Pontiac cool Prix that your serpentine belt to be cracked. They offered you a price for parts and also labor and you increased your eyebrows. Yet for $20 or under, you can buy the belt yourself and also install the yourself and also save you yourself $45 in job charges or more. Once you obtain home v the new belt in hand, you pop the hood and look at the belt, establish it may not be as simple as friend thought. But, with suitable tools and some patience, you"ll have the belt replaced in no time.

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Locate the serpentine belt routing diagram. Some Pontiac vehicles may have it situated under the hood near the engine displacement sticker. And also some may ar it ~ above the engine framework rail in the former of the car. If for some reason you execute not watch one, describe the attach attached and also match up your engine size to the diagrams. Another thing you can do is illustrate the routing schematics on record with a pen or pencil.

Locate the tensioner pulley. It will be labeled on the routing diagram or top top the attached attach depending on your motor size. Location the 15 millimeter box end wrench on the bolt head situated in the center of the tensioner pulley and also turn clockwise to relax the anxiety on the journey belt.

Remove the loosened belt native the optimal alternator pulley and also then you will have the ability to snake the rest of the belt turn off the other pulleys and remove it. It"s a great idea at this allude to size the old belt up v the new one to make sure you to buy the correct belt.

Following the routing diagram for your cool Prix, pave the brand-new belt roughly the pulleys starting with the farthest wheel away native the alternator. Due to the fact that the alternator is the height most obtainable pulley, you desire to line the belt around every pulley yet that one.

While holding the anxiety on the belt near the alternator wheel in one hand, use the wrench and to turn the tensioner wheel clockwise again to relax the tension and give girlfriend just sufficient room to ar the belt around the alternator pulley. You will should work the on the alternator pulley-block a tiny but, yet you shouldn"t have actually to force it on. If if was the right sized belt, climate it should fit properly and if because that some factor it does not, you"ll require to inspect the other pulleys to view if the ribs that the belt space lined up appropriately with the grooves of the pulleys.

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Start the engine to test the belt. If girlfriend hear any type of strange noises, shut the automobile off immediately and inspect the routing diagram again. Otherwise, it need to be fine.

some of the 3.8 liter cool Prix"s have a supervisor charger belt than operation along several of the very same pulleys as the serpentine belt. To remove this supplies the exact same principle and the exact same 15 millimeter box finish wrench. You"ll need to remove the main serpentine belt to acquire to the supervisor charger belt. (see diagram on enclosed link)