The mass air circulation (MAF) sensor, part of her vehicle’s electronicfuel injection system, is responsible for calculating the total amount of air entering the engine. A contaminated or failed fixed air flow sensor cannot measure the lot of air flow correctly. This reasons the engine computer system to miscalculate the quantity of injected fuel, causing extr damage to your engine. There room 3 vital signs the may show it’s time to examine your MAF sensor.

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Stalling, jerking, or hesitation during acceleration

A bad MAF sensor can cause too lot fuel to be left in the burning chamber, developing untimed detonations. You’ll experience this as bad drivability such as hesitations or suddenly jerking motions, particularly during acceleration. This could happen while increasing on the highway on-ramp or cruising under a city street. These issues can develop dangerous situations causing crashes and injury. If girlfriend experience any kind of of this symptoms you must examine your auto as soon as possible.

air fuel proportion is also rich

“Running rich”means over there is too lot fuel and also not sufficient air in each burning cylinder. Signs that your automobile is running well-off include:

Black acting exiting the tailpipe

Worse fuel efficiency than usual

Rough idling

Check Engine Light

These worries can happen when the MAF sensor is damaged or when its wires room coated v dirt. That can"t measure airflow accurately, as such sending incorrect details to the PCM. When it overestimates the airflow, the PCM release too lot fuel. Many of the time, the problem can be solved by clean the MAF sensor"s wires.

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air fuel proportion is also lean

“Running lean” - the opposite of running rich - means your automobile has too little fuel and too lot air in each burning chamber. Comparable to running rich, the MAF sensor is sending inaccurate info to the PCM. This time underestimating the quantity of airflow instead of overestimating it.

Although this will temporarily boost your fuel efficiency, running lean for too long have the right to seriously damages your vehicle. You may experience:

Engine apprehension and/or surging

Hard engine seizures

Hard starting

Check Engine Light

With numerous MAF sensor problems, the solution may be as an easy as cleaning the wires. However, it"s additionally a great idea to have actually a mechanic check your auto for damage. It’s important to getproper readings native the MAFso the the ECU can do that job keeping the correct ratio. If girlfriend are concerned your MAF sensors might be work properly, State Street Auto Repair have the right to examine them and also determine if they have to be cleaned or replaced.