The OBDII Diagnostic Trouble password P1129 signifies a trouble with the vehicle’s Manifold Absolute push (MAP) Sensor signal being higher than expected. When your pressure sensor sends out a signal greater than what her ECU expects, this trouble code will certainly be triggered.

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Because her PCM / ECU go not know the true genuine time value of the push entering the engine, that cannot effectively orchestrate the fuel and spark events needed to operate the motor correctly. This DTC trouble code can reason sluggish performance and also poor fuel, and also in extreme situations can render your vehicle non-startable.

We’ll be reflecting you just how to solve the OBDII DTC P1129 in a 2000 Honda Accord 4 cylinder. This 2.3 liter F23 engine is equipped through Honda’s VTEC variable timing system, and showing you exactly how to organization an Accord MAP sensor each step along the way.


Where is Honda MAP Sensor located?

Your Honda Accord Manifold Absolute push Sensor is situated on your throttle human body housing, and also located on top of the motor.


Because this F23 motors and also most Honda electric motors in general are speed density or push driven, this sensor have to work appropriately in order for the engine to run. This sensor is the main centerpiece to your Honda or Acura EFI system. There is no this sensor input, the ECU and also engine will certainly not know just how much waiting the engine is ingesting.

So it’s vital to know exactly how to service an Accord MAP sensor, particularly if you need to pass smog.

The ECU or PCM is preprogrammed v fuel and spark worths that have to be referenced as soon as the push value istransfer . Once incoming waiting enters the accelerator body the sensor will review real time pressure. In ~ idle the manifold vacuum will check out higher, and also as more air enters the input manifold, the voltage to her ECU will also rise.


In order to correct her P1129 DTC OBDII problem code, you should test the the MAP sensor is working, and also replace if needed. Girlfriend will require a multimeter or comparable voltage reading an equipment to perform this test, and also you may need a phillips, however we’ll save that for later.

To begin, situate your Manifold Absolute push Sensor on your throttle body. This sensor is a 3 pin sensor that is composed of a switched 5 volt power, a chassis ground and also the MAP sensor signal pin.


You will certainly be leaving the MAP sensor connected and backprobing the 3 pins in question and also testing each with your voltmeter. Put the key into her ignition and also turn it to the “ON” position to send strength to all your engine’s sensors. Referral the image listed below for the exactly Honda Accord F23 MAP sensor pinout.


The an initial pin we’ll be trial and error is the 5 volt switched power that walk to pin 1 on your MAP sensor. This is the yellow wire with a red strip running through it. Put the black color ground of her voltmeter bring about a chassis ground and backprobe this wire, you should gain 5 volts of switched power here.

Next increase we’ll be testing the chassis ground, i beg your pardon is the center wire on her weatherproof three pin MAP sensor connector. If the sensor does no register strength or ground, make sure to restore these before continuing on through our exactly how To business an Accord MAP sensor.


And lastly and also most importantly, we’ll be trial and error the MAP signal wire, i m sorry is red wire shown above. This wire need to transmit the pressure and vacuum values directly to your ECU.

At idle you should see a identify value between .2 and also .6 volts being sent from her MAP sensor. If you perform not watch this value, girlfriend will desire to take your phillips screwdriver and undo the two screws that hold your MAP sensor in place. V these 2 screws removed, you have the right to pull off the MAP sensor if it’s still connected.

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Using her voltmeter, continue to monitor her MAP signal cable while blowing air into the opened of her MAP sensor. You must see a sweeping range of voltage when you send air into the MAP sensor. There have to not be any gaps or voltage jumps in this variety as girlfriend are trial and error the operation of her MAP sensor.

If her MAP sensor is bad, you need to replace that in stimulate for your P1129 examine engine irradiate to be resolved. The part number for this unit is 37830-P0G-S00, yet can additionally be discovered with the following part numbers :

HONDA OE 37830-PAA-500HONDA OE 37830-PAA-S00HONDA OE 37830-POG-S00

This does it because that our how To service an Accord MAP Sensor Guide and How To business an Accord MAP Sensor and also fix your DTC P1129 OBDII examine Engine Light. Let us know if friend have any questions or comment by leaving castle below!