Please aid me. Give me a vacuum hoses routing photo for my van XL, 4.2L gasoline engine. I substantially appreciate your previous advice.

I uncovered this diagram. The only f-150 with a 4.2 this was the heading:1998 ford pickup f150 fig. 7: vacuum diagram (f-150 & valve - calibration no. 8-44r-r05 (nlt1) - 4.2l) courtesy that ford motor co. Check out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize if you need anything rather to gain the difficulty fixed.


Engine mechanical problem1998 Ford F150 6 cyl two Wheel journey Automatic Where deserve to I discover diagrams because that hoses and Vacuum lines? I"m replacing the engine and also I"ts not in my Hanes manual.


I mounted the optimal intake gasket. I have actually one vacuum water tap I can t find to reinstall. Can you send me a diagram please?
Your ideal bet currently is to take it your automobile to your neighborhood mechanic or find another 1988 Ford like yours and note the place of the vacuum hoses or buy a shop manual. In the future, take a photo of your engine before beginning the work to refer to later, together you require it.
ns recently had actually to eliminate my carbeurator for repair and also when I replaced it i think I have crossed some vacuum lines because now the engine idles rough especially after it warms up. How do I find out where I walk wrong
The one ns think you room refering to you runs to the intake and is well understand for dry rotting and causing one engine stormy idle.
Engine mechanically problem1989 Ford F150 V8 two Wheel Drive hands-on I need a complimentary downloadable diagram for a 5.0 e.F.I. Vacum line diagram for entirety engine please help, assist !Thanks wendy
opportunities are your no going to discover that for free. be yoru best bet or friend could shot a neighborhood library for diagrams, yet they wont be as detailed.
ns noticed a black vacuum kind hose bundled with a red and green hose located to the left versus the firewall. The red and green(maybe blue it"s faded)connected come two link points which additionally have electric connections. The black color hose is not linked to anything and I can"t discover anywhere it would go, doesn"t viewed to affect perfornance, it has a sort of bend in the last pair of inches.I just replaced the upper vacuum tank together it to be busted.I had actually been feather for any other feasible leaks and also noticed the hose, the is not associated to the vacuum side but goes bottom on the left next of the engine.
through the engine running it does no pull any type of vacuum. This is a plastic line, over there is no swell close to the finish of it prefer the ones v rubber boots, simply curved near the end.
If the is plastic, chances are that broke and also the other end is covert in a ar you can"t view it. Have actually you do the efforts spraying starting fluid roughly the area whereby it may have actually been to watch if the RPM"s walk up? If you execute it, it is in careful. It could catch fire if it hits an area that is hot sufficient on the engine.
the doesn"t show up broken and doesn"t seem to have any effect ~ above anything.I have great picture the it but I can"t acquire it to appear here.
I have replaced the DPFE Sensor, EGR Regulator, EGR Valve. Cleaned the input EGR indigenous the vacuum head confirm the vacuum hoses. The just thing the I have actually noticed is the the environment-friendly vacuum hose that comes off the EGR is that I deserve to not feel a suction top top the hose. Is this normal?
The green line no have any type of vacuum until the PCM desires to apply EGR, usually at light throttle cruising. If yyou have accessibility to a vacuum gauge, operation a line to the green line (EGR disconnected) so the you have the right to watch the gauge when driving to check out if the EGR is being applied. This system also should have actually an EGR solenoid that might fail maintaining it from using vacuum to the valve
Truck Wont move When Put right into Gear. It Looks prefer A Vacuum Line has actually Come Off. The heat Is situated Near The B.T.S.I.

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