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This is my very first diesel and I"m wondering what everyone argues for oil. Not the weight however the brand if it makes a difference. Perform I require a diesel specific engine oil? I would assume synthetic.....and i personally constantly run synthetic.

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2001 dodge lamb 2500 5.9l l6 turbo diesel. AFE intake, AFE bladerunner entry manifold, AFE 4" turbo ago exhaust.Van Aaken smart crate R programer, 2" tuffcountry leveling kit with double shocks, 285/75r16 agree comp too much mud terrain,optima:bart:cbadge:

tried amsoil synthetic once and also was very unhappy through the intake if i were you ns would remain away from man-made unless her in a really cold climate all the time
99 evade 24VALVE, FASS 150, EDGE COMP/SMARTY REVO STACK/100HP COALTRAIN pole ,GOEREND BILLET, HE351VE ,TC lock up SWITCH, 380HP 744FT/lbs v my old slipping auto , GAUGES (FUEL PRESSURE, trans TEMP, BOOST, EGT DP))INFAMOUS 53 BLOCK 310,159

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mines had whatever under the sunlight ran v it, almost a half mil ~ above the clock and its tho ticking...Its not a an are shuttle or anything, save oil in it and also keep increase on the changes and you will be fine.
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I offered rotella in mine and also spent some time searching for a oil leak the didnt exist. Was told that was common of the rotella which ns concidered come be an excellent oil. So ns switched to mobil delvac which was suggested to me from an old diesel mechanic and no more smell. Ns have constantly ran mobil in mine gasser and think that is a an excellent oil. I readjust mine every 5000 so no need to use synthetic. Just my 2 cents werth.
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amsoil is the ideal 8k top top mine and also its still good as brand-new i have the bypass filter to just because its black dont median its time to adjust it yet if you not want artificial rotella
Currently I"m to run Rotella.But it"s becoming increasingly daunting for me come argue through the "Endorsement".Cummins Every Time - In The News - U.S. Push Releases - push Release Oil meets API CJ-4 diesel engine specification., Valvoline Co. The, Div., As
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... It"s coming to be increasingly an overwhelming for me come argue with the "Endorsement".Cummins Every Time - In The News - U.S. Press Releases - push Release
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I operation amsoil 15w40 diesel and also marine oil in my 03 and also valvoline premium blue in mine 98. I heard that rotella was made through pennsoil and I yes, really dont care for pennsoil.
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If girlfriend live in one area through cold temps go through something thinner, prefer 5W40 or 0W40. 15W40 flows choose molasses as soon as it it s okay cold, not an excellent for startup.
"01 3500 DRW 6 spd, AFE stg 2 , 4" turbo/exhaust brake back, 50hp injectors, edge EZ, boost elbow, clutch, Amsoil twin bypass, AD150, a few Autometer gauges, 55 block, bunch of other crap not worth typing, large and shiny.
If you live in an area v cold temps go with something thinner, favor 5W40 or 0W40. 15W40 flows prefer molasses once it gets cold, not great for startup.

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tried amsoil synthetic once and also was an extremely unhappy through the consumption if ns were you ns would stay away from man-made unless her in a yes, really cold climate every the time
ran amsoil for 12,000 miles, currently switched come rotella, reason i didnt feel favor spending 100 bucks on one oil change. Gonna readjust the rotella every 5000, so that will job-related out to it is in the exact same price... But i feel the running dirty oil cant be an excellent for her engine... No matter if its dino or synthetic. In fabricated its not the failure of the oil that gets you, that the particles in her oil. I would certainly rather just run new oil every 5-6k. Besides, i like changing the
In every one of our van we operation rotella. If it"s new i would say amsoil all the means but as soon as they have actually some mile on lock the synthetics often tend to consume a tiny more. If it"s short mileage or has actually had artificial in now i would certainly say go amsoil. Its difficult to speak though cause my truck has 225,000 and also has had actually rotella many its life and she"s tho goin strong. Likewise on a second note. Exactly how long does it take for everyone to obtain oil pressure in the cold? ns fire mine up an it will certainly take 5 or more seconds till it starts analysis on the gauge. Is that normal?? Or have to i run a small thinner oil in the cold weather?
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