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I should look for a possible very tiny brake liquid leak. Does anyone have or understand of a brake heat routing diagram, or photographic drawing, etc? factory manual doesn"t have one. Specifically interested in the front section (engine bay area).Edit: van has ABS and no traction control.
Have you confirm the master cylinder? it seems favor these choose to fail on this vans, and generally result in a virtually undetectable leak.

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The brake present in our "96 fully failed sooner or later at a repair shop after ~ noticing a similar leak on our garage floor. My friendly mechanic hopped in and also pressed top top the brake pedal. Boooosh!! Both currently failed under the harbor side slide door. Imagine if wife or I had actually been driving at the time. The van had actually the Mopar running boards, so i figured they were channeling corrosive road chemicals ~ above the lines, yet that was just a assumption: v (the running boards to be rusting out so I had actually them removed). Anyway, the shop installed brand-new lines and also all to be better. I filed a report with NHTSA and they had me mail them the failed lines (the shop put them in a crate for me when I picked up the van). Never ever heard another word from NHTSA. -Ken
Yes, I confirm the understand cylinder, no leaks. I"m shedding a very little amount that brake fluid, but more than can be attributed to regular brake wear. I have to go through and inspect every line and every connection, that"s why a diagram would certainly be helpful. Much less complicated to locate the currently in the engine bay.

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The lines for the rear leave the ABS unit (under the driver"s feet under the van), run along the within of the structure rail drivers side, and go in between that frame rail and also gas tank (where you can"t watch them - - Hmmm?). They come the end inside that the driver side rear wheel well, and also somehow walk to a pack sensing valve, separation up and also go come each behind wheel along the axle. Not a picture or diagram, yet at least you know where to look!
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Dgtc, my 97 T/C started leaking from where lines leave the proportioning valve and also disappear behind the fuel tank. The factory manual has actually only a line diagram and service centers desire you to carry it to them. The only way around this is to acquire under there and chek. You should see a follow of fluid. If that wet ~ above the gas tank, climate you got the same trouble I had. I"ve composed my story the end in other posts, examine "rear brake problems=help"97 T/C 192K miles origional trans5 mazda 626s:goodluck2
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