The thermostat in her Toyota Camry can come to be stuck in one of two people the open or closeup of the door position; either case will influence your engine"s performance. A thermostat stuck open up makes the harder because that the engine to with its optimum temperature, when a closed thermostat reasons the engine to overheat. You need to replace the thermostat if it"s stuck in one of two people position. The precise replacement procedure have the right to vary, depending largely on the kind of engine the Camry has.

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Drain the ( indigenous the radiator by place a container under the radiator"s drainpipe plug. Eliminate the plug with the wrench.

Disconnect the radiator water tap from one of two people the thermostat real estate or the water inlet pipe. Unbolt and also remove the water inlet pipe. Top top a four-cylinder Camry engine, this is located in between the alternator and also exhaust manifold. Top top a V6 engine, the inlet pipeline is bolted to the cylinder head through the thermostat housing at the ago of the intake manifold.

Remove the nuts and electrical connectors because that the thermostat housing and also remove the housing; be all set for coolant to pour out out. Remove the thermostat from the housing, taking note of how it"s set up within the housing.

Clean off both the thermostat housing and the engine surface. Usage acetone or lacquer thinner and wait because that it come dry.

Install the thermostat right into the housing in the exact same direction that the old thermostat was in. Then install the housing in place on the engine and also tighten the bolts/screws.

Re-install all the various other parts and also components in the turning back order that removal. Top top V6 engines, you"ll require a brand-new O-ring on the water inlet pipe; lubricate this O-ring through soapy water.

Refill the engine coolant, making certain the drain plug is re-installed and also the heater manage is in ~ the maximum warmth position. Use fresh coolant if the old coolant is dirty or contaminated in any kind of way; use a 50/50 mixture that coolant and also water.

Run the engine in a well-ventilated area v the radiator lid off until the thermostat opens; the coolant will start flowing and also the top radiator water tap will obtain hot. Shut off the engine, wait because that it come cool and much more coolant mixture till it get the radiator filler neck lip.

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Bleed waiting from the cooling system on a V6 engine by squeezing the top radiator hose; wear gloves when you perform this, together the hose will be hot. Add an ext coolant as needed.