The 2 Honda Recon ATV models offered for 2013 remain the 2wd Recon with hand-operated shift, and the ES model with a handlebar mounted electric button shifter. Other than some reasonably minor updates, the Honda Recon has actually been unchanged for much more than ten years.

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When you"ve been just one of the course leaders because that that whole time, there"s yes, really not much of a reason to change anything. The Recon is conveniently a buyer"s favourite in this class of "entry level" 2 wheel drive utility ATVs through engines under 250cc.

You have the right to choose in between two Honda Recon ATV models. Hands-on or electric shift.

Honda Recon ATV Features

The energy styled Recon is a pretty an easy ATV. Together such, the doesn"t have a long list of exciting features, however there are a couple of worth mentioning. Likewise remember that many times, that simplicity that some complain about, is the key to lengthy term reliability. Anyway, here"s a few things we believed you should know about.

Engine - simply a simple, air cooled OHV solitary with a basic carb. Displacing 229cc, it"s in the ballpark because that this class. It might not have great power, yet it has decent strength in the right location for one ATV like this. Electric starting keeps things convenient.

The attribute that is worth part extra attention on this Honda Recon ATV is the longitudinal engine mounting position. The engine is turn so that the crankshaft and driveshaft space aligned in the very same direction.

That eliminates the power loss normally found with traditional engine mounting since there is no need for an extra set of gears to transfer power indigenous the engine come the obelisk drive. End result - an ext power come the behind wheels and quicker throttle response.

The other big plus, is an ext room because that the rider"s feet and legs. That"s why even though the Honda Recon is no larger than various other ATVs in this class, the offers more room because that the rider because the tank and also front that the seat have the right to be much narrower.

The Recon provides plenty the room because that the rider while being reasonably small.

Transmission/Driveline - Honda doesn"t execute belt journey CVT systems, for this reason the Recon it s okay a simple, tried and also proven 5 rate transmission v reverse. The standard design comes through a constant left side an installed foot shifter. For about $200 more, the ES model has the electric switch shifter placed on the left handlebar. Girlfriend do lose the foot shifter v the ES though.

We can"t say the one is better than the other. It"s a issue of what type of riding friend do and your personal preference. Generally, if girlfriend ride in a many mud, stormy terrain, or in locations that often tend to kick up a lot of debris roughly the floorboards, you will more than likely be much better off v the ES model. But, you might sacrifice some ultimate reliability because of some potential problems with the electrics together the miles roll by.

Whichever tranny you choose, it will certainly send the power back via a bullet proof obelisk drive system to a stone simple solid behind axle. Simple, reliable, practically maintenance totally free for year of no hassles riding.

Recon solid behind axle, shaft drive, and a sealed north brake are solid and reliable

Suspension and Brakes - that solid rear axle is lugged by a swingarm kind rear suspension with a solitary shock. A cable activate rear north brake finishes off the rear.

Front suspension is by double a-arms and coil-over layout shocks. Brakes room hydraulic sealed drums. We favor disc brakes yet these will carry out the job.

Wheel travel at both end is about 5 inches. One downer that us noticed is no pre-load adjusters on any of the shock units. The springs are a small on the stiff side to compensate because that it. It"s not a deal breaker, yet is mildly irritating.

Honda Recon ATV Conclusion


We feel the the Honda Recon is a an excellent choice for several species of riders. Beginner will uncover it very user friendly and also unintimidating.

There might be a small bit that a learning curve when it comes to learning just how to change the 5 rate transmission, yet an automatically clutch makes that a quick procedure with either the hands-on or electrical shifter.

Most beginning riders really shouldn"t be tackling complicated terrain, therefore the 2 wheel drive works fine because that the kind of riding most brand-new riders will be doing.

Plus, that keeps finding out to journey an ATV much easier without having to learn just how to engage a four wheel drive system.

Honda claims the Recon is additionally popular with smaller sized riders, specifically females. The lighter load is much easier to maneuver and the steering is much lighter without 4 wheel drive. The smaller size of the Recon offers riders more confidence in situations that might seem a little dicey v a larger and also heavier ATV.

But the Honda Recon ATV models may actually it is in the most well-known with owner that simply want a solid, reliable, utility format ATV because that a tiny work and a little play. A value priced ATV that"s all set to ride v a minimum the maintenance. And also one the will proceed to be ready to walk for year to come.

Standard steel tube racks front and also rear make transporting a fill easy as soon as it"s time to work. The Recon does a an ext than respectable job of advertise or pulling. And when you"re v with the chores, the Honda Recon ATV is a funny play riding machine.

It will accommodate a large variety of riders sizes comfortably, yet it"s smaller as whole size is an excellent for tight trail riding. Good low end power and light weight allow the tiny Recon to continue to be with bigger and more powerful ATVs in a many of different trail riding situations. An ext aggressive tires on the rear also turn it into a experienced mudder in ~ reason.

Over ten years of development and to update styling assist keep the Honda Recon an owner"s favorite. It"s still one of the best entry level ATV choices.

The most an effective recommendation originates from those that already own a Honda Recon ATV. In the owner surveys we reviewed, the Recon was consistently one of the most extremely rated ATVs of any type of model. For over ten years. We think that says it all.

Honda Recon ATV Specifications.

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