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So, i cannot uncover my friggin EGR on mine 2005 ram 4.7L. What gives. Will certainly someone please article a snapshot of the EGR? I"ve scoured the web and also crawled anywhere my engine, and I just can"t number it out. I saw one lead the the 4.7L doesn"t have an EGR, yet then why would certainly I acquire a P404 password otherwise?
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You are absent a number ~ above the code. P404 is no a code. If you obtain the correct code number i can gain you some info on it. And also I have never heard of one EGR valve ~ above a 4.7.
REMOVAL - 4.7LThe digital EGR valve and also solenoid assembly (4) is attached to the behind of the left cylinder head. An exhaust gas routing tube (3) connect the EGR valve to the entry manifold.Use a diagnostic scan tool to record any kind of DTC"s (Diagnostic problem Codes).Disconnect and isolate the an adverse battery cable.Remove electric connector (5) at top of EGR valve solenoid.Remove pipe mounting bolt (1) in ~ intake manifold.Remove two bolts (4) connecting EGR pipe (1) come valve assembly. Eliminate gasket located between EGR pipe flange and EGR valve assembly.Remove two EGR valve mounting bolts (5). Separate valve assembly (3) from engine. Remove and also discard steel gasket located between cylinder head and also valve assembly.

What year is that diagram from? ns don"t have any kind of of the on my 02 4.7. They might have readjusted designs in later on years, but I believed they were all the same until the brand-new 4.7 come out in 07-08 or somewhere roughly there.
That diagram is provided under 05 lamb 4.7. My info shows the 05" to be the an initial year because that the EGR"s gift added.

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I"ve replaced 2 or 3 this year top top 4.7"s. An additional 2 or 3 ~ above Hemi"s, however they are easy as lock are best up front. I also replaced a quick block in a 06 durango to be taking notice of the egr ar while it to be out.

Thanks because that the info....I didn"t know EGR"s were being used on 4.7"s. Find out something new everyday!!
thanks again!

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