P0740 is among the most common transmission trouble codes. It way that the TL‘s computer system has detected the there is an worry with the speak converter clutch (TCC) solenoid circuit.

P0740: speak Converter Clutch Circuit Malfunction

The TCC “locks” the drivetrain, which allows for a true mechanical connection between the transmission and also the engine. In effect, this enables an automatic infection to function like a hands-on transmission at specific speeds and engine loads, and also eliminates every slipping from the transmission.

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P0740 Symptoms: Acura TL

The symptom of P0740 differ greatly. If the converter remains unlocked, it can be a nuisance. If that locks when it shouldn’t be, that’s whereby it can obtain dicey.

The most common symptoms include:

negative Gas Mileage- If the converter is not locking at speed, the engine’s RPM’s will continue to be higher. This to reduce fuel mileage. Stutters and Stalls- This would certainly be a symptom that the transmission locking when it should not be. It feels precisely like as soon as you must downshift in a hands-on transmission. Higher RPM ~ above highway- If the converter is no locking, it have the right to lead to higher RPM top top the highway. This boosts fuel mileage and also makes the transmission run at a higher temperature. Business Engine quickly Light

Here’s a good video on diagnosing this code:

P0740 causes Acura TL

There are many different things that can cause the P0740 code. Many of them are going to need an experts touch come diagnose.

This perform is presented through a combination of likely to reason the issue and repairability in psychic first.


Transmission Fluid

If there isn’t enough transmission fluid, the transmission will certainly not have the ability to operate normally. There are many symptoms of low transmission fluid. The many noticeable one is walking to it is in the transmission slipping.

If the transmission fluid is dirty or burnt, it can make the transmission behave in a method that is no normal and throw the P0740 code. Here’s a pretty good guide on transmission fluid color.

If the liquid is low or bad, replacing must be considered an immediate priority. The good news is that infection fluid and also filters are cheap.

Wiring Issues

The wiring harness the goes to and also from the transmission is among the more vulnerable pieces of wiring on a vehicle. Inspecting the harness for evident signs the distress, checking the connection at the infection itself, and also finally a continuity test deserve to go a long method in diagnosing your TL.

TCC Solenoid

It is extremely likely that the talk converter clutch solenoid (TCC) has actually gone bad. But, jumping right to this conclusion without inspecting the infection fluid and also wiring can cause a lot of undue headache.

Torque Converter

The torque converter chin or talk converter clutch deserve to go bad and also throw the P0740 code.

Problem in the Case

If the TCC seems to be functioning properly, it may be the the problem is in the transmission instance itself. It could be a valve human body issue, a trouble with the press going through the transmission, or a clogged filter.

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Articles on this website are constantly written through the DIY enthusiast in mind. Most of the time, you’re no looking these codes up for casual reading. You’re spring them up to solve your vehicle. Us would never want come discourage that. With that gift said, P0740 is a tougher code to diagnose and is often out that the range of the the shade tree mechanic.

If over there is anything the you would like to add, you re welcome feel free to leaving a comment.