In this article you will find a summary of and also relays Subaru, v photos the block diagrams and also their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most famous thing world look for). obtain tips on puffy, instead of a fuse, and also more.

Fuse panel located behind the coin tray


FuseAmpere rating Circuit
115Heater fan
215Heater fan
315Power door lock
420Cigarette lighter, Remote managed rear watch mirrors
510Tail light, Parking light
615SRS airbag
715Fog light
820ABS solenoid
915Radio, Clock
1115Engine ignition system, SRS airbag
1210Illumination brightness control
1315Wiper deicer
1520Windshield wiper and also washer, Rear window wiper and also washer
1620Brake light
1715Air conditioner
1815Backup light, Cruise control, ABS control
1920Rear accessory power socket, seat heater


Fuse panel located in the engine compartment


FuseAmpere rating Power consumer
2020Radiator cooling fan (Main)
2120Radiator cooling fan (Sub)
2220Rear home window defogger
2315Hazard warning flasher, Horn
2415Meter, SRS airbag mechanism warning light
2510Automatic transmission manage unit
2715Headlight (right side)
2815Headlight (left side)
2920Lighting switch
3015Clock, internal light

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments because that individual connectors will differ depending on car equipment level, model, and also market.