The automobile is to run rough and also worst v the AC on. A girlfriend plugged in his diagnose computer and also cleared all old codes. He climate unplugged the crankshaft sensors both front and also rear one through the crack pillar cover where they are located and also car did no should any different the idle to be the very same it should have sounded worst and idled much much more poorly climate it to be already, and check engine light would not revolve on the computer system read no faults. A password should had actually been displayed and also check engine light should have turn on once disconnected. Why is this? can this it is in the trouble my vehicle is running terrible?

Hello,The crankshaft sensor is near the front of the engine close to the oil filter here is a overview to walk friend through transforming it through diagrams and instructions on just how to perform the job on your car below. the end the diagrams (Below). Please let us understand if you need anything else to get the problem fixed.

whereby is the crankshaft place sensor, there are all type of details where camshaft sensor is but none the 3.5 crankshaft sensor

We have no pic but it's at left hand side of oil pan. Probably difficult to see and to acquire to through trans there.

Yes, you space correct, next to oil pan. Ns bought two and I to be supposing that there is just one? The one I installed was straight, (1st pic) and the other I bought has an angle which I perform not understand where the goes, if I even need two but, i was told it takes or has two?
can you tell me whereby the crankshaft position sensor is located? mine mother-in-law acquired an error code saying it to be going bad and also the shop want $500 to change it. I"m certain I have the right to handle it yet I need to know where that is. Thank you.
There are two of this in a 2002 Max. They are situated on the ideal side (looking from the front of the car). Google for Max 2002 CPS location and also you"ll be able to find a photo of it"s location. They cost less than $100 every from a dealer, and also installation is really simple: disconnect the plug cable, eliminate ONE retaining screw (10 mm, ns think), and pull the end the old one and also put in the brand-new one. Plug the cable back and you"re done. That is no much more than a 10 minute project per CPS.BTW, there is a green latch ~ above the plug that you press down and pull the plug as much as release the latch.
What small world that take place to me. I had to change cam pillar sensor and something craft pillar sensorcam expense like 70 and also craft price 50my mechanic put it for complimentary cause he own my dad a favor but I saw him do it. The video camer shaft is easier it right beside the motor craft obelisk they had actually to lift automobile up. Ns think in a common mechanic not a dealership the should expense like 60 bucks with parts like 120btw walk your vehicle turn of while driving? Mines act this but cant uncover solution
before I had my CPS replaced, yes, the engine would occasionally simply turned off and also I had actually to cruise to the side of the street without power. As soon as there I can restart the negine and also it took a pair of tries prior to it would fire earlier up and able to journey again. If you only replace among the CPS, perhaps your various other one is additionally going bad. I"d examine to watch if girlfriend have one more CEL code stored.
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