Electrical problem 4 cyl prior Wheel drive Automatic 150000 mile my tail lights space inop. Ns checked power to the fuse and it was good. I checked strength at the lights and it was no good. Ns ran a wire from the tail light to the fuse box (ensuring to run it to the appropriate colored wire) and it does not work. That is making a clicking noise prefer a relay. Ns hooked the light as much as another consistent power resource and the lamp worked. Mine brake lights, and also turn signals job-related when applied. Also, ns am not sure if the is related however the dash light because that the drive indicator doesn"t work when in drive yet it works for all other gear positions

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Hello - darrylb5 Okay....let"s perform a an overview so we space on the very same page. 2001 Toyota Camry, LE, 4 door, 2.2L Automatic around 150,000 miles. 1.You have actually no tail lights. a.You checked power to the fuse and it to be good. i.You said you had actually power come the fuse....but friend didn"t say if strength was on both sides of the fuse. Was it? b.You replaced the fuse or fuses in the car. 1.Which persons did girlfriend replace? 2.I would prefer you to check the TAIL fuse and also the GAUGE fuse and the ALT fuse. c.No strength to the tail lights. i.Did you have the ignition move on once you checked?......I have attached how the circuit works. d.You ran a cable from the tail lights to the fuse crate - lights still didn"t work. i.Again, did you have the ignition on? ii.Also the cable at the lamp is Green/orange yet at the fuse box and so on is a various color. e.Which side of the fuse did you put the cable on? You have actually power to the fuse....do you have power on the other side of the fuse? f.Lights occupational to an additional power source.... g.Makes a clicking noise favor a relay. i.There space a couple of relays the play in the lights. 1.Integration Relay 2.Tail irradiate Relay 3.Head Relay h.You swapped the relays around and there to be no difference. i.Which way the tail lights still carry out not work? 2.Brake lights and also turn signals occupational okay. 3.Dash light because that the "Drive Indicator" doesn"t work when in drive - all various other positions work. 4.The license plate lights and also side lights were working yet now room not. a.You claimed they space no much longer working after every little thing I walk yesterday. Room you talking about when you relocated the relays around? b.When you relocate them back to the initial position carry out these work again? Okay, if girlfriend would read through and answer the inquiries as you see them. ns have likewise attached info on the yes, really tail lamp operation. Together you review it girlfriend should be able to check electric circuits whereby it states it operation from and to. It is different with no ignition on and with ignition on. last I have actually attached the troubleshooting for the light system. exactly how to check the Head relay how to test the tail relay. i don"t show a test for the Integration relay however put a pic of where it is. Lamp regulate Module Description and Operation device OUTLINE with the ignition SW turned on, the existing flows come TERMINAL 7 that the integration relay v GAUGE fuse. Voltage is used at all times to TERMINAL (C) 2 that the integration relay with the taillight relay coil side, and also to TERMINAL (C) 3 with the HEAD relay coil next (w/o daytime running light) or v the daytime running light relay (Main) (w/ daytime running light>. typical LIGHTING procedure With the light control SW turned to TAIL position, a signal is input right into TERMINAL (C) 1 that the integration relay because of this signal, the current flowing to TERMINAL (C) 2 of the relay operation to TERMINAL (C) 1 come TERMINAL 14 that the light regulate SW to TERMINAL 16 come GROUND and taillight relay reasons taillights to rotate on. V the light control SW turned come HEAD position, a signal is input right into TERMINALS (C) 1 and also (C) 4 that the integration relay. Due to this signal, the current flowing to TERMINAL (C) 3 the the relay operation to TERMINAL (C) 4 come TERMINAL 13 that the light control SW to TERMINAL 16 come GROUND in the headlight circuit, and causes taillight and HEAD relay to turn the lights on. The taillight circuit is very same as above. light AUTO rotate OFF procedure With light on and ignition SW turned off (Input signal goes come TERMINAL 7 the the relay), as soon as the driver"s door is opened up (Input signal goes to TERMINAL 6 the the relay), the relay operates and also the present is cut off which operation from TERMINAL (C) 2 that the relay to TERMINAL (C) 1 In taillight circuit and from TERMINAL (C) 3 to TERMINAL (C) 4 in headlight circuit. As a result, every lights space turned turn off automatically. Tail lamp Description and also Operation Description and also Operation notes system OUTLINE once the light regulate SW is turned come TAIL or HEAD position. The current flows to TERMINAL 3 that the light fail sensor with the TAIL fuse. once the ignition SW is turn on, the current flows indigenous the GAUGE fuse come TERMINAL 6 the the light failure sensor, and additionally flows v the rear lights warning irradiate to TERMINAL 4 the the light fail sensor.

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TAILLIGHT DISCONNECTION WARNING with the ignition SW on and the light control SW turned to TAIL or HEAD position, if the taillight circuit is open, the light fail sensor detects the fail by the change in existing flowing native TERMINAL 3 the the light fail sensor come TERMINAL 9, and the warning circuit of the light fail sensor is activated. as a result, the existing flows indigenous TERMINAL 4 of the light fail sensor to TERMINAL 11 come GROUND and also turns the rear lights warning irradiate on, which remains on until the light control SW is turned turn off