Hello, The inertia switch is located listed below the tool panel, to the right of the transmission hump. Here is a chart (below) You need to pull the carpet back. Please let us recognize if you require anything rather to get the problem fixed.

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truck no start, yet turns over, absence of gas, located collision shut off switch come fuel pump, will certainly not reset, what next, have tried with crucial off and also on, have actually removed 2 cable clip and also re installed, move is located at carpet levelpassenger side listed below heater housing, apparently the fuel pump is no engaging come pump mode, plastic switch will not continue to be down, was functioning fine forever, just would no start, so very first choice fuel and shut turn off switch, was not bumped to my awareness.

Ok, pressed down reset button on the fuel pump collision switch and also clutch in and vital start, that started, as shortly as exit the move it quit running, appears to be switch eh, where to get brand-new one, aid thanks.

my 1987 ranger would certainly not start. I changed the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap/rotor, and ignition coil. Upon additional torubleshooting, I discovered that the inertia switch had tripped yet I deserve to not obtain it come reset. Could the switch be negative or does it require electrical pwr to reset it?
It should go down when pushed, if it no reset try unpluging it and resetting it.Will the reset as soon as unplugged and also pushed down?
I removed the inertia switch and also ohmed the out. The switch is closed so ns assumed that it was good. I seen the fuel pump relay by putting pwr come it and it opened and also closed simply fine. Ns then take it the advice of an additional on the forum and also checked in ~ the fuel rail because that fuel. Ns pressed the little test port on the fuel rail and also some fuel come out. My question is how much fuel is suppose to come out once I press the tiny test port on the fuel rail?
thats a very bad test to view if that is getting sufficient fuel, there is no method to tell exactly how much fuel is coming the end of there.You will have to do a pressure test through a fuel push test gauge.
Engine mechanically problem1987 Ford Ranger 6 cyl two Wheel drive there is a fuel shut off switch on happen floor plank it has a button on peak of switch its up and also I cant gain gas to flow can ns by pass switch? because I have the right to not find switch at auto parts save I dont desire 2 spend a many on truck till I acquire it running and also check it out then I would certainly buy switch from dealer so so expensive! have the right to I just bypass come hear that run?
fine you can just overcome the connector through a piece of wire, but shot pressing the switch down, that is the normal position. If the button is up, the kills the pump.
Engine mechanical problem1987 6 cyl four Wheel Drive manual have the right to you tell me the ar of the fuel shut turn off switch?
ns am having difficulties with a brand-new fuel pump not priming. I have actually located a problem with EEC relay and also am instead of it but, I also want to inspect the inertia switch. Ns cannot find it. Walk this model have one? If so, wherein is it?
Under right center of dashboard on firewall. Examine out the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize what happens.
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