I replaced the MAF sensor and the Coolant temperature Sensor and also vehicle doesn't operation still. Driving down the highway one day and lost strength wouldn't go over 2000 rpms as soon as I fight the gas. Ns pulled over and the van died. When I started it ago up I would certainly hit the gas and also it would certainly shut off and when that idled the was real sluggish. Ns towed it house its in my driveway and also now doesn't begin at all. I bought a diagnostics computer and also it read a bunch of cylinder misfires and multiple misfires. I additionally got the code p0113 came up together 1 circuit high entry intake wait temp. Sensor. Top top my automobile it is component of the MAF sensor. I replaced the MAF and also still doesn't start. I likewise replaced the Coolant temp. Sensor because that the hell of the cuz i noticed it was bad. What is wrong v my truck?

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it sounds favor the waiting intake temperature sensor has shorted resulting in the PCM not to work below is the location of the sensor i beg your pardon is in the wait intake pipe heading come the accelerator body. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). Please let us understand if you require anything else to obtain the difficulty fixed.

2002 Ford explorer 6 cyl 4 Wheel journey Automatic Where have the right to I locate the Intake waiting Temperature Sensor on mine 2002 Ford traveler Sport Trac Truck?

Hello. Thanks for the donation. Much appreciated.I have looked in my manual for the IAT sensor and the 2002 ford traveler 4.0L sports trac is not fitted through a Intake wait Temp Sensor.Hope this helps. Let me know if you require any an ext information

I have a haynes hands-on tat I usage to do many of the occupational on my vehicle. It appears as despite a lot of the digrams shown for mine engine are off. I am having trouble finding the IAT sensor. It is not situated on the plenum. Can it in which method be one accessory that ns don"t have. This is one Eddie Bauer 1994 Explorer, 6 cyl, pushrod 4.0 liter. Please help!
situated in the waiting tube prior to the throtle body and right after ~ the wait filter and also mass air circulation sensor nearly over the valve cover u can see the wiresThe IAT and MAF room actually in the same sensor. See the details below.
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