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I bought mine D used and it has what i assume is a manufacturing facility alarm. The keypad on the keychain looks favor the keyless entry pad the came through my 02 Dak, so i assume it"s a manufacturing facility alarm.It functions fine. Sensitivity is collection well, flicker the lights, locks/unlocks the doors, and so on etc?But there"s one problem? exactly how do you revolve the dang thang OFF?? I typical like placed it in valet setting or something. It eight itself and I can"t store it from arming uneven I leave the door ajar.I looked under the dash for a move or something, however didn"t view one. Many aftermarket alarms have actually a small toggle switch the you have the right to turn the key on, upper and lower reversal the switch, and it"ll put it in valet mode. Ns can"t find any type of such switch. But I haven"t take it the dash apart in search of it? yet.Any suggestions?

Ginther,Attached room two pages from my "98 organization Manual dealing with the security system."Arming Section?- The VTSS won"t eight if the doors are locked making use of the an essential in the lock cylinder or using the mechanically lock buttom."But, IF your D is other than a 98, it might be setup different for arming & disarming.:mrgreen:
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Here"s the "03 text from the FSM:ARMINGPassive arming of the VTSS occurs when the vehicle is exited v the vital removed indigenous the ignition switch, the headlamps room turned off, and the doors are locked when they"re open up using the strength lock switch, or locked ~ they"re close up door by transforming either prior door or the liftgate lock cylinder come the lock position using the key. The power lock move won"t function if the key is in the ignition switch or the headlamps space turned on through the driver side front door open. The VTSS won"t eight if the doors are closed and also locked using the mechanically lock button. Energetic arming of the VTSS additionally occurs when the ?Lock? switch on the far Keyless entrance (RKE) transmitter is depressed to lock the vehicle. For active arming to occur, the doors must be closed and the ignition switch should be in the off position once the RKE transmitter ?Lock? switch is depressed.
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