i am searching for a vaccum diagram for the 02 buick lesabre. The is missing a hose, one end of the water tap connects come the check valve, i m sorry is connected to the input manifold. I require to recognize where the other end connects. I know one hose from the check valve attactches to the brake booster, yet where walk the other one attach?

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This will certainly help. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us understand what you find. We room interested to check out what that is.



little close where does big hose go? Is vacuum on open up port? Is over there aloose hose? Was occupational being done and hose left off? What ar on engine?
The huge hose goes to the brake booster. The family members of the automobile moved native a different state and had work done there. I uncovered the air leak the was triggering the p0171 code and component of a degraded hose still attach around the part. I have actually not to be able come locat where that water tap may have gone, or found a hose that was open up somewhere else. The an initial picture is the part disconnected native the intake manifold, the 2nd is a side picture.
O.K. Harbor is not used so no hose to find. Gain a cap for it that was what was left without top. Port used to affix test EQ
Noises problem1997 Buick Lesabre 6 cyl former Wheel journey Automatic 47.000 milesHi. My auto makes an extremely laud noises and also I thought I have trouble with transmission. After exploring transmission ns was tald it has vacuum leak. While car is running if i pull out oil inspect stick out noise will stop an seems like air walk in to the engine. How I uncover out whereby is the problem. Any help appreciate. Give thanks to you
It was pcv valve. Pcv valve was missing rubber roughly it. That was the reason inspect engine was showing egr valve, missfiring and also air leak, +very loud noise. Expect this aid someone in future

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main problem automobile is shuddering and hesitating if driving at any kind of speed. Most people I spoke with does concur the is sounds favor the MAF sensor and/or vacuum leak somewhere, however here are much more facts that uncovered out today. Ns think the separation, personal, instance at the auto part store was using the wrong form of scanner for the year of mine car. I took it and a mechanic to view why it would scan. Of course this was before I just found out i could check it myself. In any type of case. That seem come think either a negative ECU or the code for crank sensor is legit. According him the ECU is more expensive but an easy fix and also the crank sensor was much less expensive however harder to get to. However, just more investigation ns seem to have a coolant leak which got on come wires and also such and also perhaps out the exhaust. My concern to friend gentlemen currently is what is your opinion ~ above this assessment and also what exactly might in reality be damaged by this coolant and could this cause all the difficulties I defined previously. Will there it is in other problems forth coming through this and also what need to be the solution and also estimated cost for repairs. Don"t want to be took on this one and also finally what is the best and also the worst instance scenario here? thanks again gentlemen for her replies.