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$2 Bill v 22K gold FoilGrab the possibility to add a conversation piece to your collection. Think it or not, the $2 bill, i m sorry is America"s very first and just commemorative financial institution note, is a legal-tender note that has been repetitively issued due to the fact that 1976. Have actually you checked out one? do you have one? Here"s your chance to see and also own one embellished in 22K gold foil. It will be the WOW factor you"ve to be looking for—for your collection or for a deserving friend or relative. 

What friend Get


real $2 commonwealth Reserve keep in mind printed with ink on file and then selectively plated through 22K gold Holder

every coin items thought about for return need to be in your original condition as sold. Seals and also cases add to the value of the coin and also currency collectibles and also must continue to be intact and also unbroken. This applies but is not limited to: grading cases, Mint and Proof cases and packages, bag seals, original government sealed packaging and/or any other one-of-a-kind packaging or containers.

About Collectible Coins…Treasures from roughly the human being – delivered right to her door! Our huge selection that collectible coin sets, proofs, ancient and uncirculated coins is appropriate for both the novice and the proficient collector. coin specialists travel the world for the finest coins - from the recent U.S. State soldier to the Widow’s Mite coin, discovered during an archeological dig in the center East. Many coins include a Certificate the Authenticity the validates the coin’s origin and also condition.

Rarely seen in circulation

$2 bills are printed in very restricted quantities

Gold-plated edition

A fraction of every $2 bills have been set aside for this special 22K gold-plated edition The yellow is privately applied, as the U.S. Government does not have actually the volume to create amplified notes

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The an essential Specs

Coin Grade/Condition: fresh Uncirculated
Packaging: Plastic holder attached in a decorate blue envelope

Coin 1

Obverse: Portrait of cutting board Jefferson, that wrote the declaration of independence in 1776 and served together America's 3rd President native 1801-1809
Reverse: "The Signing that the declaration of Independence" by john Trumbull. Amongst those shown in the paint is john Hancock, whose signature is the very first on the explanation of Independence. The group of men standing at the desk has John Adams (second President), thomas Jefferson (third President), and also Benjamin Franklin, all of whom signed the original record in 1776

The Basics - Box

Holder Measures: 1/2"H x 3"W x 6"L