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I need to replace the struts but im no seeing one easy method to execute it. I tried forcing the ball out of the socket ~ above the struts but it is not wanting to come out. Walk the totality thing need to be replaced? I"m seeing too many of options for instead of parts yet they carry out not come with the ball part already installed. I"m likewise not seeing any kind of videos ~ above this approximately the web. If you need pics ns can article some. I simply need come know just how to eliminate the struts.

A tiny electrical type screwdriver will be sufficient to "pop" the clip off. Native of advice. Have actually a tailgate resting on a action ladder before you remove the strut, and note the orientation the the strut so you deserve to put the brand-new one ago on. This is among the simplest, easiest and most satisfying repairs to execute for any kind of owner.
2016 CRV Touring AWD. Constantly treat cars v mechanical sympathy and also take care of castle properly. Treat human being better.
for the replacement strut I save finding ones like these as soon as I find 2000 honda crv behind lift support. These do not look best at all, however it is favor all ns am finding.

It yes, really is the easy.The an essential is finding a tiny enough screwdriver to gain under the clip.You don"t have to remove the clip all the method off, by the way.

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"Live your life for a change"ASE understand Collision repair / I-CAR Certified Platinum structural and non-structural


"Live your life because that a change"ASE grasp Collision repair / I-CAR Certified Platinum structural and also non-structural
The part number is 04741-S10-010. The ball doesn"t come out easily. The new strut will come v a set of 2 ball/screws v each strut.Install the brand-new ball/screws then snap the strut on come the round joint. Or they will be currently attached come the strut and also you screw them in through an open end winch.Nobody uses this style anymore...Chrysler likewise used these for awhile. Had them on mine jeeps.Very high value OEM uses the finest deal for genuine Honda parts, 04741S10010. Stay collection for $95.78. All components are donate by the Honda's warranty.

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