Does her Silverado"s steering have excessive play, or is her truck wandering everywhere the road? It could be time to change your truck"s old, worn out steering box. This short article will show you exactly how it"s done.

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This article uses to the Chevrolet Silverado GMT800 (1999-2006).

Your Silverado"s steering gear effectively multiplies the the force you apply through the steering wheel and also transfers that pressure to the linkage, i m sorry then transforms your former wheels. As soon as the gear starts to go bad, friend may notification your truck veering to one side, excessive play in the steering, or you could hear a popping or grinding noise while turning. To replace the steering gear, you must first gain accessibility your truck"s steering box. And before you can replace the steering box, you need to remove the radiator fan. Keep analysis as this short article will guide you through the entire process of replacing the steering box in her GMT800.

Figure 1. Chevy Silverado"s steering box.

Materials NeededPhillips and flat head screwdriverAssorted wrenchesAssorted sockets and ratchetRubber malletLarge Crescent wrenchChannel pliersPitman arm pullerDrain pan

Step 1 – eliminate the radiator fan

Open the hood and remove the waiting inlet hose from the air filter box. To carry out so, an initial loosen the two hose clamps, then pull the assembly up and out the the truck.Remove the 2 bolts that hold the radiator shroud in place and remove the shroud.Use a large Crescent wrench and rubber mallet to loosen the seed securing the pan to the the water pump.Rotate the pan counterclockwise to eliminate it.
Figure 2. Loosen and also remove the radiator fan.

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Step 2 – remove the steering box

Remove the lower radiator pan shroud.Disconnect the rubber line to the strength steering box utilizing a pair the channel pliers. To carry out so, squeeze out the clamps together and pull the line directly out. The line will certainly leak fluid, so be certain to have a drainpipe pan ready.Disconnect the second, difficult line to the strength steering box. Usage a wrench to ease the nut, and also then pull the line straight out.Remove the bolt ~ above the coupler to the steering linkage.Remove the nut holding the Pitman eight to the steering box.Remove the Pitman arm making use of a Pitman eight puller.Remove the 3 steering box mounting bolts situated in the driver"s next wheel well.Pull the end the steering box.
Figure 3. Remove the steering box.

Step 3 – download the new steering box

Compare the 2 steering boxes to make sure they space the same.Install the brand-new steering box, and fasten the 3 mounting bolts in the wheel well.Slide the Pitman arm back in place and fasten the bolt.Reconnect the power steering lines, and re-install the reduced fan shroud.Reattach the fan to the water pump. Rotate the pan clockwise, and then tighten the seed to a snug fit.Reconnect the air inlet hoses and tighten the clamps.Check your strength steering liquid level and also top off together needed.

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Figure 4. Examine power steering fluid level after the installation.

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