The Honda public started production in 1973. The economic climate Japanese car had room for four passengers and it boasted 40 miles every gallon through an 1169-cc, four-cylinder engine make 50 horsepower. The civic had a front-wheel-drive system, i m sorry was rather of a new at the time. The crankshaft sensor top top a 1998 Honda civic EX is situated under the front reduced timing cover, whereby it gets its signal off the crank sprocket. Replacing the crankshaft sensor should not it is in attempted there is no a certain amount that mechanical capacity and a basic understanding that the mechanical ethics that use to this task.

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Open the hood and also remove all three accessory belts by loosening the belt tensioners through a wrench and also moving the tensioners away from the belts to relief tension. Remove the optimal timing belt cover using a 10 mm socket and ratchet.

Loosen the lug nuts one turn each top top the left prior wheel. Raise the driver"s side front the the auto with the floor jack and place a jack was standing under the subframe. Reduced the car onto the stand. Complete the removed of the left prior wheel by removed the lug nuts.

Remove the inner fenderwell splash shield, making use of a 10 mm socket. Remove the center bolt in the crankshaft pulley, utilizing a socket and also pry bar. Eliminate the pulley. Eliminate the reduced timing belt cover, making use of a 10 mm socket.

Disconnect the crankshaft sensor electric plug. Remove the 10 mm bolt securing the sensor to the block making use of a socket. Remove the sensor.

Install the brand-new sensor and also tighten the bolt. Plug in the sensor"s electrical plug. Download the lower timing belt cover and tighten every the bolts snugly.

Install the crankshaft pulley and tighten the bolt come 135 foot-pounds the torque. Install the within splash shield in the fenderwell and also tighten the bolts.

Install the wheel and lug nuts. Tighten lock as lot as possible, by hand, and also snug them down with the lug wrench. Reduced the car and torque the lug nuts come 105 foot-pounds that torque. Download the upper timing belt cover.

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Install the 3 accessory belts and also tighten the tensioners with a wrench until there is only ½-inch the deflection in each belt. Push on the facility of the belt between the pulleys -- it must only relocate up or under ½-inch.

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