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General Ford Ranger Discussion General conversation of the Ford Ranger that does not fit in any other sub-forum.


ny truck had actually the heater core bypassed i mounted a new one yet have no idea just how or what hoses to connect to this thing. Ns bought a haynes manual but it has actually nothing it is gonna assist me for this reason i require you guys!

You have a 1994 4x4 but I don"t have actually a chart because that that. How around a Ford dealer, they may let you look in their book or they may tell you whereby they go.
Are you just hooking the simply the heater core back up? Mine was the same means when ns bought the van bypassed. I was told it doesnt issue which method you hook that up. It works the very same both ways. So I just hooked er up, functions fine.Side note, if you bought the truck with the heater core bypassed u deserve to bet the acculator is broke, someone disconnected the durring the summer wherein it i will not ~ blow warmth with the a/c on. Simple fix, just takes a tiny time. Http://

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