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Hey men just gained the brand-new sled. 1997 polaris xlt. Runs good starts an initial pull idles genuine good. Has actually Brand new fox waiting shocks all around. I cant wait till winter come ride this thing.
Doesn"t look too bad. Gain a brand-new seat because that it and also it"ll it is in one quite lookin sled. Congrats. It will make your SRV feeling ancient. (it kinda is...haha jk)

I understand im looking for one currently on ebay. I traded a tractor because that it and also they offered me that and $100. I more than likely going to obtain a collection of tripple pipes for it if i can discover them. I heard alot around spining crank berrings in lock is the commen that only has actually 3000 miles on it.
I think 97 should be one ok motor...95 and also 96 to be the worst years. I"d say for a "97 with 3,000 miles because that a tractor that doesn"t run and $100 come boot, friend did quite good. You should have the ability to find a seat because that it nice cheap.

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Nice I simply bought a 1996 Polaris xlt special with 12,300 in an excellent shape has a brand-new top end and clutches picked her up because that 350. If you saw the sledge’s you would certainly think it has 2000 or less.

yet you simply asked what sort of pipes to placed on her which has actually over 12,000 miles on the clock?! and dont feeding me the "new peak end" line of crap... Because those space still share crank bearings, pole bearings, crankshaft etc. Some individuals kids... :laugh:
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Yea I recognize you simply told me triple pipes are bad so i was informing him that"s all. I only paid 350 for my sled ns didn"t loose any money. If the blows I can still gain my money out. I just wanna watch how plenty of miles ns can get out the it.

Do not triple pipe the monoblock engine. It will not organize up to the higher rpms.You will obtain longer life and fewer difficulties if you leaving it alone.
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Not to poor for a 97. Ns bought my old 96 xlt for 500 ns think and sold it for 625, and also I didnt also do anything come it. Mine ran really good but as well many people said they were bad engines so i just gave up on it and bought my much nicer 99 xc. You may not really desire to go earlier to your srv since this will have actually a MUCH better suspention setup and also still have a lot an ext power than your srv. Yea some civilization hate the xtra 12 yet it"s still fairly the upgrade. Great luck v it!
i"ve heard the the xtra-12 is more a high-end ride and the xtra-10 is a an ext agressive suspension because that ditch banging and such. For this reason if you choose to beat on it rather of constantly trace riding you can want to look into the xtra-10.
i Love it simply the means it is. The only bad part is ns cant ride the till next winter. Ns heard indigenous a great friend v a 95 xlt to placed a small oil in through the gas just in situation the oil ingection falls short or a line slips off. O fine cant wait come rip that thing up
i dont know much around polaris, however does the sled have the 4 line oil pump? if it does friend shouldnt need any kind of oil in the gas. Oil injection is pretty reliable. But i"ve heard about one of polaris" triple engines had a PTO crank bearing problem due to the fact that it provided a 3 line oil pump and also didnt provide enough oil to that bearing? the 4 heat oil pump was claimed to deal with this problem? im no 100% sure. Any type of polaris guys below thats heard around this?
Yea that"s best I have actually a 96 polaris xlt 600 yet they placed the fourth one in and now the sled has actually 12,300 and also still to run strong. Store your sled stock and also it will certainly last long.
Keeping the engine stock, and also regular maintenance goes a long way. My phazer has actually just end 14,000 km"s and is still to run strong.*Although im doing a little of a repair this summer come it. Repainting everything except the human body panels and also hood. Also going to freshen increase the motor. Rings, pistons, bearings and also seals while whatever is pulled apart and also the engine is out.*Srry to kind of jack her thread lol
Yea i guess you could say its an ext of a high-end ride. Her gonna lose SOME top end though because of the strike angle that the track. Look at how it just suddenly comes under to the ground, vs. Like my xtra 10. The kinda prefer an older version of the M10, which additionally killed part speed because of the strike angle.
i"ve heard the the xtra-12 is more a high-end ride and also the xtra-10 is a an ext agressive suspension because that ditch banging and such. Therefore if you like to win on it instead of constantly trace riding you can want come look into the xtra-10.

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This is exactly true. Thats around the best way there is of describing it. Xtra 12 will rob a little bit of speed likewise because of the steep method angle (hint hint yamiss440) yet will administer a really plush ride. But leave your sled how it sits, do continual maintenance to it, and ride the piss out of it. Inspect for the fourth oil line, and also when you view it has it, dont bother including any oil to her gas. That iwll it is in a garbage of her time, money, and also possibly foul plugs earlier. Be nice come it and it must last, mode it, and its like beginning a countdown timer. 3...2....1.... KABOOOM!:dunno::laugh:
1998 Polaris XC600 (with a XCR sleeper hood ~ above it:cheeky42006 Polaris Indy 5001969 Chevy C10 "69CRUZR":thumbsup:-383 stroker 450 hp 479 ft lbs that torque2006 Chevy Colorado -daily driver:dunno:----------------------------New project Truck, this one for my Pops!1953 GMC 5 window Shortbox StepsideDrivetrain: 2006 5.3 Liter v8 v 4l60e indigenous an 06 Silverado.Full IFS former suspension kit w/rack and also pinion steering, and also 4 link rear from TCI Enterprises.
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