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yes i did it ns asked a newb question however what are some of the speeds of these jet skis ns looking at a couple of different jet skis 4 i currently own please give me part hp info and also top speeds of every all are stock no mods1995 yamaha waveblaster ns think it has actually a 701 engine1994 kawasaki ZXi 750 750 twin1995 polaris sl 750 1996 polaris slt 7801996 sea doo xpi very own the an initial 4 i simply want to recognize the speeds and also how lock all to compare to the sea doo xp
These concerns would be practically impossible to answer correctly! there space so plenty of variables such as water temp. Water condition, fuel form etc. The factorys dont also know the answers! i will put the 780 up versus the others stock!

80 hp does 50mph.1996 Seado XP does 57.6 mph. Rated at 100 HP. The Polaris SLT 780 is 25 lbs heavier that the SL 750 but has 10 an ext HP in ~ 90 Hp. Wish i knew an ext about Yamahas. I was under the impression they were reduced compression because that longevity. The 95 ZXI 900 go 57.9 mph. The 95 wave Raider Yamaha to be the king at 59.9 mph however at a price tag of $7800.00
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