I'm pretty certain that I have actually the NP241 transfer instance in mine 1996 k1500 with the 4l60e and 350 vortec. I checked the fluid in it the other day and also it is low. The fluid that is in that is pink like tranny fluid so im pretty certain thats what that takes is the dexron 3. However I know that dexron 3 has actually undergone part name changes and a few things in prefer 2007. Yet I have actually heard that dexron by means of isnt great for the transfer situation so in a method its a pretty simple question. What fluid do I need to replace it with? is over there anything that would be better? ns do have actually a quart that napa ATF fluid that i was going to usage to height it turn off untill I could just readjust it this week. I would likewise like to placed lucas oil stabilizer or tranny fix yet I wanted to make certain that would be ok. The looks like it is leaking in ~ the seals but its not leaking really bad yet.


My last inquiry is is the prior driveline constantly supposed come turn?? since I think mine does.

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thanks because that the help

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Dirtautoguy 6

Posted respectable 10, 2015


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Posted august 10, 2015

nevermind that does not remain locked in. I did add the napa premium ATF fluid that is claimed to be an excellent for dexron 3 just to top it off and I still setup on transforming it this week

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barry G 131

Posted august 10, 2015

barry G

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Posted august 10, 2015(edited)

you can put the to update synchromesh as discovered in the nv3500..

expensive, and not in any kind of instructions the I have actually found.


I had some left over, saving it because that the transfer.

I worked at a fast lube, atf in the newer stuff is not like the gear fluid in a cast iron classic.

Always it s okay my thoughts.

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nikita 0

Posted respectable 22, 2015


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Posted respectable 22, 2015(edited)

Is the transfer case manual lever form or pushbutton? If pushbutton, ATF is not the recommeded lubricant. The factory service manual calls because that "Automatic Transfer instance Fluid (GM component No.12378396)" and does no say "or equivalent". The manual case does specify Dexron III.


The hand-operated specifies GM Goodwrench synthetic Manual infection Fluid, through a GM component number, for the manual transmission, but enables for 75W-90 GL-4 equipment oil as an equivalent. So, I would not use it in a modern-day transfer case, an ext like the old cast iron ones.


If no a pushbutton tcase, ns would use "high mileage" ATF, which has seal conditioner. Carry out not worry that Dexron III is no much longer officially noted on the bottle, its a GM legal department thing. Ford and also GM quit licensing old Dexron/Mercon ATF. The oil carriers are now required to usage weasel words on the party to let you know its the same stuff. "Universal", "Older Vehicle" or Chevron "MD-3" space what to look for.

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My prior driveshaft turns complimentary in 2H, but is locked (with some equipment tooth play) in 4H, simply as i expected. If yours is the pushbutton one, the automatic function may make it difficult to tell once it must turn cost-free or not.