My pan for air/heat works on high only. The regional auto components store said that this to be the blower engine resistor part. Where is the blower motor resistor located? If the is under the dash have the right to it be changed w/o having to take the dash apart?

The blower engine resistor is usually located in or ideal close come the blower motor commonly you'll an alert that the move feels looser than normal once you usage it. Right here is the ar of the blower motor speed manage module (resistor) below.

I visited the regional Chevrolet dealer & had actually the parts department publish off their diagram of wherein the blower motor resistor was.I then followed their diagram & take it the radio, regulate panel for pan & cd player the end & that was no there! I offered in & took it come a mechanic. To get to the blower engine resistor ~ above a 1995 Chevy Tahoe take out the glove compartment & behind it you will certainly see several black plastic covering. The top left of that platic has a metal bracket bolted over there w/some wires. Disconnect the wires & eliminate the bracket & slide her hand increase over the spot whereby the bracket was & there it is! No where near where Molle Chevrolet said! 2 bolts & a cable plug organize it on. Take it them out & put brand-new on - that is a tight fit but can be done.

I have actually a 2005 chevy truck and today the very first 3 speed on the heater fan stopped working, only runs top top 4 (high). I browsing the web, it appears that the problem is through the Blower motor Resistor. One, would you agree through this, and two, were is the resistor situated on a 2005 colorado. Thanks colorado101

i would have to agree that the prolem is probably in that resister. The resister is located under the dash close to the blower motor. In the pcture that ns have added it is #2...Hope this helps


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