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Hi, I"m brand-new to the forum. I have actually a 95 version 300 Fourtrax FW and also the initial tires are worn out. The stock sizes room front rims 11x6.5, front tires 23x8-11, rear rims 11x7.5, and also rear tires 24x9-11. I got new tires indigenous a friend the were stock and also taken off a 2010 Rancher. They room front rims 12x6.0, former tires 24x8x12, behind rims 11x7.5, and rear tires 24x10x11. Is it ok to placed these on mine 300. I read somewhere that you require an inch smaller on front yet have watched other places that claimed it does not matter. Any assist would be appreciated. Thanks.

Welcome to the forums. You"re correct the the former is supposed to be an inch smaller, however a lot of of human being run the exact same size tires all the way around and don"t seem come have any type of problems. I would say it would be yes sir to operation the exact same size every the method around, but if friend ride ~ above a many pavement, it might not be a an excellent idea. Ns think the most people that operation tires the exact same size on all 4 corners will placed a little more air in the behind tires to do them higher to consist of for the difference.
Most 4-wheeler difficulties are brought about by a loose nut connecting the handlebars and the seat!!You only need two devices in life -- WD-40 and also duct tape. If it doesn"t move and should, use the WD-40. If it shouldn"t move and does, use the duct tape.
Thanks, just curious yet why do you need an inch smaller sized on the front? Also, exactly how much air difference would you recommend to do the rear taller?

Thanks, just curious but why carry out you need an inch smaller on the front? Also, just how much air difference would you introduce to make the rear taller?
The Fourtrax 300 has a transfer situation with gearing that makes up because that the difference in the tire diameter. I"m not sure why Honda thought they necessary to usage 1 inch shorter tires in the front, though, unless they thought it would handle or drive better. The Fourtrax 300 is the just utility quad that Honda make that had actually a transport case and also used 1 inch much shorter tires in the front. The various other models use the very same diameter tires all the method around and also don"t have a transfer case. Because the tires space the same diameter, a transfer situation is no needed. Yet to answer her question, you require the 1 inch shorter tires, since of the transfer situation gearing.As much as the air pressure in the behind tires, I"m no sure. I"ve owned a the majority of Fourtrax 300s, however I always ran 1 inch shorter tires in the front. You can PM "Submarine 300" as I believe he runs the same size tires and also he might tell you how much push to operation in the rear.

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Most 4-wheeler troubles are led to by a loosened nut connecting the handlebars and the seat!!You only require two devices in life -- WD-40 and duct tape. If that doesn"t move and should, usage the WD-40. If the shouldn"t move and does, usage the duct tape.