Fuses protect your vehicle’s electric system native overloading. If electrical parts in your car are no working, the system may have actually been overloaded and blown a fuse. Prior to you replace or repair any electrical parts, check the proper fuses.

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The following charts tell girlfriend which fuses protect each electrical part of her vehicle. If a fuse blows, all the parts of your car that use that circuit will certainly not work.

Once girlfriend have determined which fuses to check, monitor the procedures under Checking and Replacing Fuses further down this page.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel

The passenger compartment fuse panel is located on the motorists side (end) the the dash board.

NumberAmpere rating Description
17.5Power Mirror
315Parking lamp
410Left Headlamp
510Data link Connector (DLC)
67.5Air Bag System, Blower Relay, EATC
77.5Illumination Switches
810Right Headlamp, Foglamp Relay, DRL
910Anti-lock System
107.5Speed Control, Generic electronic Module (GEM), A/C System, Brake Interlock
11 7.5Instrument Cluster, Warning Lamps
1210Front wash System, power Windows
1315PCM System, Stoplamps, AWD, Anti-lock System, rate Control
1420Anti-Lock System
10Anti-Lock System
15 7.5Air Bag, Alternator
1630Front Wiper
1725Cigar Lighter
15Cigar Lighter
1815A/C System
1925PCM System, Ignition Coil
20 7.5Anti-Theft, Generic digital Module (GEM), Radio
2115Hazard Lamps
2210Turn Signals
2410Starter, Anti-Theft
25 7.5Speedometer, Generic electronic Module (GEM)
26104R44E/4R55E/4R7OW/5R55E Overdrive, DRL System, backup Lamps
2710Under Hood Lamp, Map Lamps, glove Box Lamp, Dome Lamp, Visor Lamps, 4×4 System
28 7.5Generic digital Module (GEM)
2910Audio System
3315Headlamps, Daytime running Lamps (DRL) Module, instrument Cluster

Engine Compartment Fuse Panel:

Not every one of your fuses are in the panel under the dash. Over there is likewise a fuse panel (power distribution box) in the engine compartment top top the drivers side that the vehicle.

NumberAmpere rating Description
Maxi fuses
230PCM Power
320Fuel System, Anti-Theft System
530ABS system
630ABS system
820Parking Lamps
940Blower Motor
1020Power Locks, power Windows, strength Seat
1120PCM Memory, Horn
1350Instrument dashboard Fuse
Mini fuses
120JBL System
230Power Point
4204 Wheel System
10Air Bag System
515PCM memory Power
615Alternator system
710Air Bag System
204 Wheel System
815DRL/Fog Lamps/Off-Road Lamps
1Wiper run Relay
2Horn Relay
3Fog lamp Relay
4WOT A/C Relay
5PCM power Relay
6Fuel Pump Relay
7Wiper HI/LO Relay
1ABS diode
2PCM diode
1RABS Resistor

Checking and Replacing Fuses

If you require to inspect a fuse, follow this steps:

1. Discover the fuse panel, i m sorry is situated in the left end of the instrument panel. The power circulation box (described earlier in this section) is discovered in the engine compartment, placed on a parentheses attached to the vehicle drivers side fender apron.

To accessibility the fuse panel, remove the fuse dashboard cover by inserting your finger in the divot and also pulling top top the cover. The underside that the cover includes four preventive fuses. A fuse pulling device is situated in the lower right corner of the fuse dashboard in case you should replace a swollen fuse.

Color Coded: The spare fuses for your car are color coded together follows:

10 amp — red15 amp — irradiate blue20 amp — natural30 amp — irradiate green.

See further down top top this web page for examples

2. Top top the fuse panel cover, uncover the number of the fuse you want to check. The diagram on the cover tells you wherein tolocate the fuse ~ above the panel.

3. Examine the fuse to watch if it is blown. Look with the clear side of the fuse to watch if the metal wire within is separated. If it is, the fuse is blown and also should it is in replaced.


Another method for experimentation fuses is to usage a Bussmann fuse tester. There’s no must remove the fuse from the holder. Girlfriend simply adjust the prong broad on the tester to heat up through the bare metal spots ~ above the finish of the fuse, and then watch because that the indicator irradiate to bright signaling the the fuse is good.



4. Change the fuse with one that has the ideal amperage rating

*WARNING constantly replace a fuse with one that has the mentioned amperage rating. Making use of a fuse v a greater amperage rating can reason severe wire damage and also could start a fire.

5. Put the fuse dashboard cover ago on.

Even after ~ you change a fuse, the will continue to punch if you perform not uncover what caused the overload. If the fuse continues to blow, have your electrical system checked.

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Fuse color / Ratings:

As mentioned above, fuses are shade coded to their AMP rating. View the image listed below for examples.