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I understand I need to buy a diesel but I cant afford the extra $,$$$ I"m towing with a 93 Chevy 35000 Dullay w/ a 454TBI and it sucks. It suck towing up hills.... Around 45mph, It sucks gas around 7mpg towing.I"m looking at the new "02 Dodge ram Ext.Cab 4X4 v 5.9L Gas with a towing capacity of 8,250lbs. Who has actually actually towed v one??????Thanks
If girlfriend don"t prefer your 454 then ns doubt the you would favor a 5.9 together Dodge. My dodge tows light load trailers fine up or down, however put something heavy behind it and also I can"t store up through my friends 454, no by a long shot. At any time I"m towing, I"m wishing I had actually bought the ¾ ton diesel.

I agree, if you room going to save towing keep that 454. Mileage will certainly suck but it need to pull alot much better than a 5.9 gasser. Ns tow my CJ or Toy v my 1500 gasser and it go ok, traction hills alright but it has to be under in second gear and really revving. Ns can"t imagine how towing could possibly enhance by going to a smaller sized engine. Possibly there is something wrong with your 454 or her gearing is method off compared to her tire size?
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I tow v my 360 Magnum (5.9L).It has actually never had actually a difficulty towing also 14,000lb GCVW. Just needs a far better radiator and a highflow pan to store cooler.Last trip, i was coming up the vantage hill from the columbia flow going west. Anyone the left the NWRCA and also went toward seattle, to know what type of bitch that hill is.) Towing 7,000lbs behind mine 6,000lb 1500 dodge, I had the ability to pull the hill doing 55mph in second gear. Engine just acquired REAL warm. But, the 2 RV"s behind me just were may be to pull 35mph, and I was able to accelerate increase the hill..... Sorta.Now climbing that hill out... I acquired 6.5mpg. (oh yeah, mine 1500 has 31.6" tires and 3.92 gears, if I continue to tow v it choose this, I"ll prob ably gain 4.20 or so, to drop the RPMS in the sweet spot for towing in ~ 60-70mph ~ above steep hills)For towing a trailer and also jeep around, that not as well bad, that tows much better than a ford F250 does, even a diesel. (so claimed the diesel F250 owner that was riding v me towing 6,500lbs) capture is... Friend can"t be fear to press the engine HARD.