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i simply bought a polaris xlt. The has around 3400 mile on it. And also i paid 1800 because that it is the a an excellent deal? and how are these sleds? ns noticed its a lot faster than mine 600 zrt triple was. Therefore if any one nos any type of thing on em permit me recognize plz thanks

They are an excellent sleds,is it every stock? A ZRT need to be much faster then a xlt..That price was perhaps a tish high yet not negative if it is in an excellent shape..
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1800 sounds like a an excellent deal to me especially with just 3400 mi. Execute you recognize any history about that ? mode etc... These are pretty difficult sleds and also should critical you a an excellent while if preserved properly.
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i not think the stock motor can beat a zrt but a power one could.they come stock through one pipe, perform you have actually three?what around your heads? are they stock?
It has the exact same engine as my "95 XCR (just the xcr has actually bigger carbs, i think) and also I"ve only had one problem with mine engine... A negative water pump. Various other than that, it"s to be a an excellent running sled. Ns think over there is end 5,000 miles on mine (speedo has actually been changed to purpose of use is just 3,4xx and wrong). Just make sure you store it maintained and it must be a an extremely reliable engine.
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I think it"s too lot to pay. I just paid 1500 because that a 97 ultra through a little under 2000 miles. Most XLT"s around here walk for around a grand. Yet if the runs choose a top, and also is cosmetically perfect, it have to be a an excellent sled. XLT engines have actually been known to operation into troubles though. Make certain to inspect the water pump belt.
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You probably might have gotten it for less. I just bought my 1996 XLT SP because that $1000 and it has actually 5500 miles. But anyway, you gained a good sled...
It"s a an excellent sled with great power. Several of the mono block 600"s had a issue with the crank largely in 96 and also 97 below is a connect ns am an extremely happy with mine an excellent luck.

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1995 Polaris XLT.1200 initial miles."Torq the down till it strips then earlier it turn off a quarter turn"
the sled is bone stock it has the extra 12 suspension on that so the a special. I have just 3 right into one pipe. Dose any type of one know just how much plastic skies space for that sled and also if u deserve to put triple pipes on it.
Here is a copy and paste indigenous the internet site I connected above.Can I run pipes reliably on mine XLT engine? just put, yes. Yet as with any kind of performance modification, the chances of having an engine failure carry out increase and also the fully life expectancy on the engine will likely be shortened. Excatly how much is the actual question and also only time will tell, it may be a 10% reduction and it can be worse. Over there are hundreds of XLTs running around today with aftermarket triple pipes on lock with hundreds of miles on them as well. Having pipes does need a same amount of hand on occupational by the rider and also is not recommended for those that simply like come pull and go. The crucial to long life through pipes on any type of XLT consists of the following: use a high quality collection of pipes, follow the pipe manufacturers setup recommendations, make certain your sled has actually a great crank in that , install high high quality EGT gauges and monitor them closely, use high quality fuel and oil, limit her mods come bolt-ons as major porting severely shortens the life the the XLT, and keep it tuned a bit on the conservative side. I right now ride through a friend and also his 1995 XLT-SP has been running SLP pipes since it was brand brand-new and now has actually over 6000 trouble totally free miles top top it, the last couple thousand also included SLP billet heads together well. The Xtra Lite Triple was never ever designed to rotate 9200 rpms and also push out over 110 horsepower, i beg your pardon is why bolt ~ above mods space all it have the right to handle. A large factor in many piped and collected XLT failure is excessive heat. Removed the hood screens or adding a nosecone radiator is a good idea if you arrangement to really try and push the XLT to its limits. But adding simple bolt on mods is an easy and usually reliable method to get more power from this old faithful lump. I m sorry pipes must your run? Having had experience with several brands ~ above XLTs, XCRs, and other Polaris sleds, I have the right to honestly say the SLP is around the finest there is. They have always produced a high quality product, have competitive prices, their tech support has actually never permit me down, and the speech is constantly right over there with broad and tractable power bands. Their present low noise pipe are among the quietest around and this proactive approach helps the sport continue to boost its image amongst the no sledding public. You might find another brand that has cleared up for others, yet none of them have offered me the long term satisfaction the SLP. As much as plastic skis they range in price shot
1995 Polaris XLT.1200 initial miles."Torq it down until it strips then ago it turn off a 4 minutes 1 turn"