Locations and also descriptions of the fuses and relays that the under-hood fuse/relay box for 1994-1995 Ford F150, F250 and F350 (gasoline engine only).

The under-hood fuse/relay crate is known as the power Distribution facility in the Ford service/repair literature.

You can uncover the under-hood fuse/relay crate chart for the 1992-1993 and 1996 F-Series pickups here:

Fuse Locations and also Descriptions#AmpsFuse Name/Description
A20 AmpsRadioPremium Sound Amplifier (if equipped)
B15 AmpsFog lamp Relay
C30 AmpsHorn RelayMulti-Function SwitchDaytime to run Lights Module
D25 AmpsTrailer marker Lamps RelayTrailer back-up Lamps Relay
E15 AmpsHeated Oxygen SensorBackup LampsTrailer Battery fee RelayCruise regulate Servo/Amplifier AssemblyBackup Lamp switch (Manual Trans.)Park/Neutral place Switch (Automatic Trans.)Transmission Ranger Sensor (4R70W and also E4OD Auto Trans.)Daytime running Lamps (Canada Only)
F10 AmpsTrailer appropriate Stop/Turn Lamps
G10 AmpsTrailer Left Stop/Turn Lamps
I20 AmpsPCM strength RelayPowertrain manage Module (PCM) pen 1
J20 AmpsIgnition switch (Pin B4)Fuse 15 (I/P Fuse Box)Fuse 18 (I/P Fuse Box)
L50 AmpsFuse 5 (I/P Fuse Box)Fuse 9 (I/P Fuse Box)Fuse 13 (I/P Fuse Box)
N50 AmpsIgnition Switch pin B2Ignition Switch pin B3Fuse 1 (I/P Fuse Box)Fuse 7 (I/P Fuse Box)Fuse E (Under-Hood Fuse/Relay Box)
O20 AmpsFuel Pump Relay
P50 AmpsIgnition Switch pin B1Ignition Switch pen B5Fuse 2 (I/P Fuse Box)Fuse 6 (I/P Fuse Box)Fuse 11 (I/P Fuse Box)Circuit Breaker 14 (I/P Fuse Box)Fuse U (Under-Hood Fuse/Relay Box)
Q30 AmpsTrailer Battery charge Relay
R40 AmpsMain light Switch (Headlamps)
S50 AmpsFuse 4 (I/P Fuse Box)Fuse 8 (I/P Fuse Box)Fuse 16 (I/P Fuse Box)Circuit Breaker 12 (I/P Fuse Box)
T30 AmpsTrailer digital Brake regulate Unit (if equipped)
U20 AmpsIgnition manage Module (ICM)Ignition CoilRadio CapacitorPIP Sensor (Distibutor)PCM strength Relay

Relay Locations and also Descriptions#Relay Name/Description
1PCM power Relay
2Fuel Pump Relay
3Horn Relay
4Trailer marker Lamps Relay (if equipped)
5Fog desk lamp Relay (if equipped)

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