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I"m sure someone right here either has or walk tow with a C2500 Suburban. I"m looking in ~ a 1992 C2500 Suburban to tow locally with. I have discovered the GVWR, yet haven"t found the GCWR. The only thing ns have discovered is the it is rated to tow 10,000 pounds. Appears kinda high, however this thing does have actually a 3000 pound+ payload. Ns won"t know specifically what the "real" payload will be uneven I buy that first. What perform you/have friend pulled through a 2500 Suburban? This does have the Z82 trailering package, complete floating rear, 4L80E transmission, and 8 lug hubs. In search of something inexpensive to replace the lamb I had actually to trade.

I have actually one... A 1995 C2500 which should be very similar to the 1992 you room looking at. The preferably tow rating has every little thing to carry out with the engine & gearing combo, and there are several options within the 2500-series models. Sellers say a lot of things, so gain the info yourself from the RPO password sticker. It"s commonly on the earlier side of the glovebox door. When I to be shopping because that our Suburban, I"d asking every online seller i encountered come send me a photograph of that sticker. (I wouldn"t constantly tell them why I want it.)The biggest engine choice is the 7.4L (the classic 454ci), i beg your pardon is denoted by RPO password L19
. The biggest gearing alternative is the 4:10 ratio, which is denoted by RPO code GT5. RPO stickers will have countless other codes listed too for various options... But those space the 2 you want to look because that to identify the hauling capability.With that combination, the Suburban should without doubt be rated for roughly 10,000# towing. All other combinations (with 5.3L or 6.0L engine and/or 3.73 gears) will have actually lower towing capacity. If 10k seems high, keep in mind the the 454 was the very same engine the was offered in Chevy-chassis gas motorhomes the the 1990"s... They commonly weighed in the ar of 17,000-18,000#, so that engine deserve to handle a 7000# car + 10,000# trailer simply the same. And really, the SUV application is much much less strain top top the engine because it frequently will just be moving the SUV weight, versus the motorhomes the were virtually always in ~ maximum capacity every time they were rolling down the road.Also remember that GCWR likewise includes all the cargo & human being (in addition to a 154lb driver) in the auto itself, and also you never ever really know what your loaded trailer will weigh until you take it come a truck scale.What i can"t give you is mine expansive amount of experience with Suburban towing, because I just bought mine (and the trailer) within the last couple months... And also I haven"t to be camping with the combo yet. Mine previous RV was a motorhome, therefore I"m still discovering in the trailer towing realm. (You might additionally want to inspect out this current thread... Is there an SUV that will certainly tow a 10,500 GVWR?)

I don"t recognize that the numbers space useless, however they aren"t gospel either. There are a lot of other factors that add weight, as you seem well aware.The resource I use most often for check rated towing weights is the Trailer Life Towing guide here: travel guide posted only go earlier to 1999 (older ones are more than likely floating around online somewhere), however a 1992 need to be the same/similar come 1999 because the Chevrolet/GMC body style was the same. A rapid look because that a 1999 Suburban C2500 mirrors the 5.7L through tow ratings the 6000# (3.73 gears) or 7500# (4.10 gears).

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