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K correctly i understand this isn"t a hotrod are anything but figured someone might know but I wanna placed side pipe on mine 91 chevy s10 and the oxygen censor is wherein the y pipe join the left and also right exhuast together well as soon as i put side tube on the the y pipe would be elimnated and if i yet the oxygen censor only on one side won"t the be an incorrect analysis which way my engine can either burn to rich are to lean. Would certainly appreciate any kind of recommedations-Dirtdog

Eliminating the O2 sensor will certainly 1) set a failure code in the computer and 2) reason the engine come constantly operation in open up loop mode, i beg your pardon will result in much worse gas mileage.You deserve to put the sensor in one pipeline only and it will be nearby enough. Alternatively, run an X-pipe prior to the side pipes, trouble solved add to you"ll get lower backpressure native the exhaust.
I think you might get far with simply putting that in one side, or get rid of it altogether if it"s not a daily driver.The ECM only provides input native the O2 sensor in close up door loop (after the warms up) and also even then only offers it come fine tune the air/fuel mix. You"ll probably lose a couple MPGs there is no it but I don"t think it would certainly burn wealthy or lean enough to do any damage come the motor.If you decision to eliminate it, the check engine irradiate will continue to be on unless you change the ECM (which I think for you means getting a custom chip).I"m no expert, just trying to offer you one idea the what you could be in for

My 92 chevy silverado v a highly modded 4.3 V6 with double exhaust has actually only 1 oxygen sensor and also it just trips 1 code which is EGR failure which is fine as I have actually it bypassed. If you try to operation it without it the engine won`t know where to readjust to and also will run wealthy to prevent it native running as well lean and destroying itself. For this reason you deserve to run the oxygen sensor come one pipe and come out fine.

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hey many thanks i was also thinking moving the oxygen censer on simply one side yet up closer to the manifold reason i think it can have a much more accurate reading since be much more gas fumes are w.e. Up closer perhaps i dunno because that sure however thanks for the info
hey many thanks i was additionally thinking moving the oxygen censer on just one side but up closer come the manifold reason i think it can have a an ext accurate reading since be more gas fumes space w.e. Increase closer probably i dunno because that sure but thanks because that the info
Newer cars have actually the O2s closer to the exhaust harbor so the sensors heat up much faster so they can enter closed loop faster, not because it"s any an ext accurate...Also, ns hope you can mount the O2 in your brand-new exhaust without having actually to extend the wires...I"ve heard splicing the wires can influence the signal to the ECM (even with an excellent soldered connections).
K yes i recognize this isn"t a hotrod space anything however figured someone could know yet I wanna placed side pipes on mine 91 chevy s10 and the oxygen censor is whereby the y pipe joins the left and right exhuast together well when i put side pipes on it the y pipe would certainly be elimnated and if i yet the oxygen censor just on one next won"t the be an incorrect analysis which way my engine could either burn come rich are to lean. Would appreciate any kind of recommedations-Dirtdog
The sensor on your S10 is electrically heated, for this reason it can go most anywhere as that isn"t strictly dependent ~ above exhaust warm to obtain it up to operating temp.Your correct in the knowledge that the O2 sensor only comes top top in closed loop and is used to trim the mixture. However it"s lack will reason the computer system to operation the engine a bit rich. While being a little more expensive because that the extra fuel the real issue behind a "little rich" is the overfill fuel washes the top finish lube from the cylinder increasing the wear ~ above the top cylinder wall, piston and also upper ring.You can run the sensor off one side, that will be enough for trimming fuel ratio purposes. Absolutely a crossover pipeline mounting would let it watch an median of both banks. Remainder assured girlfriend will watch an EGR code v side pipes. So if you should pass one emissions check this will certainly be a problem, yet so will side pipes.Bogie