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Returning to 528 cards for the very first time since 1982, this standard dimension cards were obtainable in manufacturing facility sets, fifteen card wax packs and also cello packs. Each pack had a 1,000 Yard club card. The cardbacks can be uncovered with variations: the NFL nature disclaimer is either present or lacking from the back of every card. The cards room arranged in team order and the groups themselves are ordered according to their end up in the 1989 standings. Subsets include Record Breakers (1-5) and Team action (501-528) cards. League Leader cards room scattered throughout the set. A couple of leader cards (28, 193, 229, and also 431) also as all of the Team activity cards have the right to be uncovered with or without the hashmarks on the bottom that the card. Topps also produced a Tiffany or glossy edition of the set. Read much less »

returning to 528 cards because that the very first time due to the fact that 1982, this standard size cards were available in manufacturing facility sets, fifteen map wax packs and cello packs. Each pack had a 1,000 Yard society card. The cardbacks have the right to be discovered with variations: the NFL properties disclaimer is either present or absent fro... Read an ext »