Fuse crate diagram (fuse layout), location, and assignment of fuses and also relays Jeep Cherokee XJ (1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996).

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Checking and Replacing Fuses

A fuse is an aspect for protecting the electric system. A fuse will trip (i.e. It will blow) in the event of a failure or not correct interventions in the electrical system.

If one electrical device is no working, inspect whether the respective fuse is blown. Look in ~ the silver-colored tape inside the fuse. If the tape is damaged or melted, replace the fuse. Check those fuses very first that defend the failure component, but check all the fuses prior to deciding the a swollen fuse is no the cause. Replace any kind of blown fuses with another with the same amperage (same color) and also check the component’s operation.


Before transforming a fuse, check the ignition vital has to be removed and also that every the other electric devices have to be turned off/disabled.Never change a broken fuse v anything various other than a new fuse. Constantly use a fuse of the very same colour.Never readjust a fuse with another amperage. This can reason damage to the electrical system and also fire.If the fuse blows again, have actually the vehicle inspected at a qualified organization center.
Passenger Compartment Fuse box Diagram

The fuse box is located on the driver’s side underneath the dashboard.


№ACircuit Protected
125Rear home window Wiper/Washer
215Radio, Cigar Lighter, Dome Lamp, LCD Illumination Relay
310Clock, defense Alarm (Ign)
from 1993: Extended Idle Switch
415Flash come Pass, Headlamps, Headlamp Dimmer Switch, Headlamp hold-up Module
525Blower Motor
30A/C mode Selector switch (with A/C), heat Mode Selector switch (without A/C)
630Power Windows
72Antilock Brakes (ABS) mechanism Module, ABS power Relay,
820Turn Signal Flasher, boil Rear window Relay
910Dome Light, analysis Light, Courtesy Lights, gloves Box Light, Cargo Light, Radio Memory, power Mirrors, Teltak Connector, Left/Right Door Lock Switch, Telltale Connector, Time delay Relay
10-Not Used
1125Headlamp hold-up Module, Horns, protection Alarm
1215Hazard Warning System, Stoplights
from 1993: Not Used
1320from 1993: Power Door Lock Relay, strength Door Unlock Relay
7.5from 1988: Transmission control Unit
1410Not Used
from 1993: ETR Radio, strength Antenna
1515from 1993: Parking Lamps (Park Lamp switch Output), Overhead Console, LCD Illumination Relay, license Lamp, Trailer Tow Connector, Chime/Buzzer Module, Instrument dashboard Lamps, Clock, Radio/Clock & Memory, Headlamp Switch,
10Parking Lights, Headlight Warning Chime/Buzzer, instrument Panel irradiate Dimmer
1630Power Seats, Trailer Tow, power Door Locks
177.5Instrument cluster Guages, Headlamp hold-up Module, Chime Module, Overhead Console, seat Belt Warning, remote Keyless entrance Module
1825Heated rear Window
195Instrument dashboard Lamps, Radio Illumination
20Windshield Wiper/Windshield Washer

Engine Compartment Fuse box Diagram


№ACircuit Protected
160Generator Output
230Engine regulate (ECU) - Fuel Pump, Injectors, Ignition Coil, Oxygen Sensors, Generator Field, Engine Controller Automatic transmission Controller (ATCU)
340Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "11"
420Hazard Lamps
540Headlamp Switch, Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "4", "15"
650 60Ignition Switch, Daytime running Lamp Module, Fuel Pump Relay, automatically Shut under Relay, Powertrain regulate Module, Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "17"
740Heated rear Window, Starter Solenoid
840ABS Pump Motor
960Generator Output
1030ABS System
1115Ignition move - Back-up Lamps, A/C Relay Coil, change Selector, rate Control, Aux. Cooling pan Relay Coil
1210Automatic Transmission, Daytime to run Lamp Module, Fuel Pump Relay, automatic Shut down Relay, Powertrain manage Module, Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "17"
1315Auxilliary Lamps - Fog Lamps, Underhood Lamps
1420Engine Controller
1520Aux. Cooling Fan
1610 20Ignition turn off Draw, Radio/Clock Memory, Ignition off Draw, Dome Courtesy (1994-95)
AAux. Cooling fan Relay
BFuel Pump Relay
CABS Pump Relay
DAir air conditioning Relay
EAuto Shutdown Relay
FStarter Relay
GABS system Relay
Relay Box


1Illuminated entry Relay (1993-1994);
Not used (1995)
2Horn Relay (1993-1994)
Dual Flasher Relay (1995)
3Rear window Defogger Relay
4Not Used
5Not supplied (1993-1994)
Horn Relay (1995)
6Not Used
7Not Used
8Radio Illumination Relay
9Power Door Lock (Unlock) Relay
10Power Door Lock (Lock) Relay

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