Only a single commemorative coin was issued because that 1990, representing a lull in the lot of coins watched for past and also future years. The 1990 Eisenhower silver- Dollar (Buy ~ above eBay) to be issued to note the centennial of the bear of Dwight D. Eisenhower top top October 14, 1890. He is honored as both a five-star General and also the 34th chairman of the unified States.

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The obverse design by john Mercanti consists of a right encountering portrait of an older Eisenhower superimposed over a left facing view of a younger Eisenhower wearing 5 stars. The twin portrait symbolize both his armed forces service and also peacetime leadership. Inscriptions encompass “Eisenhower Centennial”, “Liberty”, “In God we Trust”, and also “1890-1990”. This is the just U.S. Coin to attribute two portraits of the same human being on the exact same side of one coin.

The reverse of the coin was designed by Marcel Jovine and modeled by Chester Young Martin. Eisenhower’s retirement house in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is depicted, which is now component of a national historical site. The inscriptions incorporate “United says of America”, “Eisenhower Home”, “E Pluribus Unum”, and “One Dollar”.

The Eisenhower silver Dollar was available in proof and also uncirculated versions through a best authorized mintage of 4 million coins. The uncirculated variation of the coin was created at the West allude Mint and also the proof version at the Philadelphia Mint. Sales because that the regime were originally strong, with more than one million ordered within less than 3 months. After that point, the pace of sales slowed through the final number getting to 1.39 million through the conclusion of sales.

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The coins were available for revenue individually, with the proof version also included in the 1990 Prestige proof Set. Surcharges indigenous the sale of the coins was provided to mitigate the publicly debt.

Coin Specifications

Designer: William WoodwardWeight: 26.7300 gComposition: 90% silver (0.7736 ounces that silver)Diameter: 38.1 mmMaximum Authorized Mintage: 10,000,000

1990-W Uncirculated Eisenhower silver Dollar

Pre-Issue Price: $23.00Regular Price: $26.00Final Mintage: 241,669

1990-P proof Eisenhower silver- Dollar

Pre-Issue Price: $25.00Regular Price: $29.00Final Mintage: 1,144,461