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over there is so lot to admire about this coin, one immaculate finish and dependable gold purity are simply the beginning. V its an initial appearance end 30 years ago, the American yellow Eagle is the most known gold bullion coin, amongst dealers and also mints, in the country! The American yellow Eagle is the official coin that the US and is the investment choice of many collectors and financiers. Each year, investor anxiously anticipate the relax of the American yellow Eagle. Providing its loyal followers a highly collectible numismatic value, in addition to its undoubtable precious steels purity, the American gold Eagle is the perfect right for any investment goal: long or short term!

Among the most popular gold bullion coins, the 1989 American yellow Eagle stands proudly through a style that perfectly depicts the us pride. The American gold Eagle is additionally produced in smaller increments, no limiting the possibility of owning one to only those who have the right to afford the one ounce beauties. Collectors enjoy maintaining a repertoire of every sizes, as soon as it comes to the American yellow Eagle, allowing them elbow room if they ever need to sell.Coin Highlights -.999 pure gold.-Brilliant Uncirculated condition. -Packaged in coin flip-The obverse style features the top Lady Liberty, pull in a Grecian robe and also boldly transporting a torch. This style was motivated by the $20 Saint-Gaudens twin eagle design, an initial created in 1907. There are likewise 50 stars encircling Lady Liberty, representative that the 50 states. The coin"s day of mintage is likewise displayed on the obverse. -The reverse reveals the nation"s pride and also joy: two Bald Eagles. The king the the birds of Prey, the fully Eagles are shown making a swarm out the olive branches, when protecting their young. The excellent coin"s yellow weight, purity, and also monetary value space engraved top top the reverse as well.

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Denomination: $50 Year: 1989 Diameter: 32.7 mm Mint Mark: N/A Thickness: 2.87 mm Grade: Ungraded