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OK, the labels for the fuses in mine 81 space all worn off, deserve to anyone assist me out? I need to recognize what"s what.
okay these room the labels. Ns don"t have actually a scanner or camera to take a picture of therefore bear through me.

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top appropriate C/HHazard INST LPS < > <---WDO---->IGN < > < > A/C ECMIGN IGN-ECM LPS wiper ACC STOP-HAZGauges Tail LP Radio < > < > IGN revolve B/U CTSY-CLK < > < > PWR ACCYVAC PUMP < > < > < > BATAll these room on the gaps between the fuses beginning from the height down. < > means there is no lablel because that the block/connectionIf this doesn"t make sense, I can copy the diagram and also fax it to you if you have actually a fax machine
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fuse box
ha, my Elky have a brand-new fuse crate under the hood

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