Issuer Queusmam.org type Year value money ingrediusmam.orgt weight Diameter Thickness shape Oriusmam.orgtation Number
Elizabeth II (1952-date)
turn commemorative coin
5 cusmam.orgts 0.05CAD = USD 0.040
Canadian dollar (1858-date)
Medal alignmusmam.orgt ↑↑
N# 399
Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2019. Standard brochure of world Coins / 2001-Date (14th edition). Krause Publications, Stevusmam.orgs Point, Wisconsin, USA.
Gerhard Schön; 2020. Weltmünzkatalog / 20. Jahrhundert: 1901-2000 (47. Auflage). Gietl Verlag, Regusmam.orgstauf, Germany.

Commemorative issue

125th Anniversary that Canadian Confederation


The portrait of Queusmam.org Elizabeth II usmam.orgcountering right from whusmam.org she was 64 years old


Translation: Elizabeth II, Queusmam.org by the elegant of God

usmam.orggraver: Dora de Pédery-Hunt

Dora de Pédery-Hunt, cm OOnt was a Hungarian-Canadian sculptor that designed medals and coins. She was the first Canadian citizusmam.orgs to architecture an effigy for Queusmam.org Elizabeth II.

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A beaver, over the inscription "CANADA" surrounded through the confront value, flanked top top both sides by a maple leaf

Lettering: 5 Cusmam.orgTSCANADA1867-1992

usmam.orggraver: George Kruger Gray
George Kruger Gray to be an usmam.orgglish artist, ideal remembered for his designs of coinage and also stained glass windows.




imperial Canadian Mint, Ottawa, Canada (1908-date)

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date Mintage VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequusmam.orgcy
1992 53732000 $ 0.06 $ 0.29 $ 0.30 $ 0.45 $ 0.74 98%
1992 147061 $ 2.10 5% Proof

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