it is probably an ext accurate to call the Bashlow “restrikes” tokens or medals since the pieces only duplicate one next of the original 1861 Confederate fifty percent dollar and also because lock were no struck by the original die.

Original pictures courtesy the Numismatic gaue won Corp.

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Robert Bashlow’s replica Confederate claims of America half dollar tokens were created in 3 metallic alloys consisting of silver, shown.

Images courtesy of Numismatic financial Corp.

Readers Ask column from Dec. 21, 2015, worry of Coin World:

In the fall of 1962, I responded to an advertising in Coin human being for Robert Bashlow’s restrikes that the Confederate cent in bronze for $2.50 and also the fifty percent dollar in silver- for $7.50. I sent a inspect in to Mr. Bashlow and also waited, walking day after day to the write-up office for weeks and also then months. My merchandise never ever arrived, although he cashed mine check. A U.S. Postal inspector was referred to as in to uncover out what had happened. After almost five months, I got my items. I acquired out the coin collecting almost 50 years ago and then newly started in again. I have found the restrike cent advertised on eBay, but have never ever seen the half dollar. Would certainly you have any information the the number of restrikes that made? thank you in development for your response.

C. Hollander / via email

It is probably much more accurate to contact the Bashlow “restrikes” tokens or medals due to the fact that the pieces only duplicate one next of the initial 1861 Confederate fifty percent dollar and because they were no struck by the original die. The medals rental on one side the design from the obverse that the initial Confederate states of America fifty percent dollars win in 1861. The 1962 medal’s other side, instead of featuring the sit Liberty design of the original coin, attributes an inscription-only architecture inscribed v the variety of pieces purportedly win — 5,000 every in silver and also goldine (a brassy alloy), and also 20,000 in bronze.

Examples that Bashlow’s Confederate silver half dollar medal have appeared at auction, most recently in one Aug. 16, 2015, legacy Auctions sale. An instance graded and also encapsulated Mint State 66 through Numismatic Guaranty Corp. Establish $881.25. In October 2015, Numismatic jae won Corp. Was offering an NGC MS-69 example of the silver- Bashlow half dollar replica for a solved price of $2,225.

From what I have actually been able come determine, that is unlikely the the full mintages determined on the turning back were in reality struck and distributed.

The goldine pieces were an initial sold at $4.50 and the silver- ones in ~ $10.

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The Bashlow fifty percent dollar medals were produced in Philadelphia by respectable C. Frank Co.