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The 1849 $20 Liberty Head Gold double Eagle is one of the rarest and most valuable US coins ever before produced. Technically this is a pattern coin i beg your pardon was offered for trial and error the new twin eagle denomination design. The united state Mint share the $10 "Eagle" together the traditional gold coin unit to it is in used beginning in 1795 - the largest denomination supplied up with 1849 mainly for banking and also overseas trade business. Return this all changed when gold was very first discovered in California in 1848 (and the ensuing 49er"s gold rush the complying with year).Huge quantities of gold to be being transport to the Philadelphia Mint to strike $10 yellow eagles. The Mint decided that it to be becoming much more practical to produce a larger coin and denomination. In 1849 the united state Mint developed a pattern coin because that the $20 gold coin - which would be well-known as the "Double Eagle". This sample coin reference is likewise known as Judd-117 and also Pollock-132. The creation of the $20 dual eagle denomination was a direct an outcome of the California gold Rush. The certain coin over now lives in the nationwide Numismatic arsenal at the Smithsonian Institute. Some experts estimate the if this coin walk up for sale at personal auction - it would certainly be worth between $10 million and also $20 million - making it the most beneficial coin ever. Coin worth Chart: typical Coin Prices, Values and Worth in USD based upon Grade/Condition Good(G-4) very Good(VG-8) Fine(F-12) an extremely Fine(VF-20) extremely Fine(EF-40) about Uncirculated(AU-50) Uncirculated(MS-60) Uncirculated(MS-63) Proof(PR-63)
USA Coin book Estimated worth of 1849 Coronet Head yellow $20 double Eagle (Unique - Smithsonian collection Variety) (Proof Coin) is precious $17,474,311 or more. Click right here to Learn how to use Coin Price Charts. Also, click right here to Learn about Grading Coins. The Melt worth shown below is how beneficial the Coin"s steel is precious (bare minimum value of coin). Click right here to view the Melt worth of every us Coin. MELT VALUE: $1708.73

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