let the household enjoy the good outdoors v this 14ft x 14ft (168sq ft) household Cabin Dome Tent. The tent functions a 84in center height through a sewn-in room divider and big ventilation area ~ above roof. Two rear Airports™ provide extr cross ventilation v 2 convenient pockets. Sleeps 8 adults. Duffel transporting bag.Shock-corded fiberglass poles and wire-corded steel polesPower Pocket™EverDry™ rain protection system

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Product Overview
Tent CategoryFamily tents
Number of Persons8-person
Product Includes
Includes bring BagYes
Fly IncludedYes

This time serves it"s function well! really spacious and WIDE! If you room a household with no kids and also have guests, the sewn in divider works great! We room a household of four and also fits us all great! us have also experienced this time in 28 straight hours of rain....it hosted up! A couple of leaks, very minimal...but with 28 hours of directly rain that deserve to be expected...nothing got wet....This time is basic to put up, takes my husband and also I about 10 min and also all I do really is assemble the poles for him ...an even easier take down. The tent in reality fits earlier into its bag which is really nice for storage! end all we are an extremely sastified v this tent and also would highly recommend it to anyone!

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June 9th, 2010

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Northwast region Tent is big but has actually problems

I shopped for tents for two weeks, comparing everything from attributes to reviews on the inter-net, before settling on this tent. It had no review but I figured I offer it a opportunity anyway. The one concern I had actually was that it was made by the same company that renders Ozark trace tents for one more store -- I had serious problems with the brand nametent and that company. I figured v the greater price I would be getting better quality. I bought the time right prior to we were mean to leave for camping Memorial day weekend. I would set up the time for the very first time on that pilgrimage -- not before.

Setting increase the time was okay. I did It mostly by myself v a tiny help from my ten year old son. I did have to ask for assist with the rain-fly. The tent is therefore tallin the center I might not acquire the rain-fly up and also over the peak alone. While setting up the tent i noticed tiny pin holes in the product in several places. I did worry however at the point, being camping already,there was nothing I can do around it. We did gain rain top top Saturday night. Amazingly the pinholes didn"t leak but where the floor met the tent wall surfaces on the door side leaked -- the whole front of the tent. It wasn"t a heavy or lengthy rain, so ns was surprised in ~ the quantity of water that remained in the tent. The wholetop of the tent was open up net. With only three bodies in the time it was tough to maintain, store in,natural warm -- so it was cool at night, even with sleeping bags and also extra blankets. That does have a room separator which enables you to separate the time so that each side has actually its own door. The one drawback isthe fabric doesn"t reach the floor--if her camping with pets or little children the separator doesn"t store them from getting to the other side that the tent.

It is a huge tent v plenty of room. That fits two queen size air mattress and also left some room because that walking and also two bags. Through the pros it is still difficult to skip the cons.