Who claims smaller boats need come be brief on features? Starcraft"s Patriot series offers every crucial in an easy-to-trailer package the fits in many standard garages. Easily accessible in a an option of 3 hull lengths, every Patriot model comes v two wood-free fishing seats, a increased bow casting platform complete with in-floor storage and our legendary FreshCatch aerated livewell device and lockable pole storage. Optional upgrades prefer a factory installed electric motor or a Hummingbird general practitioners system let you personalize this rig specifically as you wish.

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The flexibility Utility watercraft comes fitted for a great fishing endure with quality comfort seating, keels, treated floors and also plenty of room to for reeling in the next huge catch. Available Models 160 flexibility TL, 180 freedom TL, 180 flexibility SC


With the painted hull and signature graphics, the SF collection is one attractive, reliable utility the proudly dead the Starcraft name.


Everything you require for good experiences, including high top quality seating, lockable storage, aerated livewells and durable vinyl floor covering. The hard working SF DLX supplies years that worry-free reliability.


For those who favor a no-frills approach to fishing, we market the SL series. Easily accessible in 12 and 14 foot models, these rugged, reliable and also hard functioning utilities will gain the job done every time. SL models feature rugged, one item bottoms, hefty gauge bench seats with floatation, molded spray rails, corner castings through handles, and also custom graphics. Starcraft utilities save working because that you year after ~ year. Cursed to her satisfaction. Starcraft Marine.


The Alaskan has been around for a lengthy time and has deserve a call for excellence. There is no denying its popularity. Alaskan utility watercrafts have found their means into rental operations, lodges and almost every significant fishery in the Northwest. Durability and performance room the hallmarks that have elevated the Alaskan to this enviable position, and also you room the folks who keep coming back year ~ year, letting us recognize that we still live up to our reputation.

No extra frills. No nonsense. All excellence. The Alaskan Series

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Lifetime +6 Warranty

Smoker Craft, Inc., the top boat and pontoon manufacturer is offering an unbeatable warranty routine that is certain to provide the brand a true competitive benefit in the boating world.

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