Now that homeowners across the southern are just about finished butchering their crepe myrtles for the year, they're turning their fist to one more dumb point they shouldn't execute -- fertilizing your grass in ~ the not correct time.

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Grumpy realizes that plenty of vocal lawn-haters out there don't want you come fertilize ever, due to the fact that you shouldn't have a lawn ever. Come them ns say, it's your yard and this is America -- perform what girlfriend want. Tree a wilderness. To fill a swamp. Artistically arrange rocks.

But this doesn't help the millions of decent, law-abiding lawn-lovers who need to and also want come fertilize correctly. Therefore here's Grumpy's perform of lawn fertilizing DON'TS for beforehand spring.





DON'T fertilize dormant grass. Grass uses nitrogen for making grass blades, yet if it's not farming yet, you're wasting your money and also also including to groundwater pollution. In the South, where we thrive warm-weather grass, it's easy to tell as soon as the lawn is dormant. It's brown. Wait till it greens up. Furthermore north whereby grass stays environment-friendly in winter, it's a bit trickier. Wait to fertilize till after the ground thaws or you view spring trees and also shrubs blooming.

DON'T use fertilizer to melt snow and also ice ~ above sidewalks. snow melt will bring nitrogen from the fertilizer right into groundwater and storm drains.

DON'T acquire fertilizer top top sidewalks, driveways, and also other pavement. Rain will conveniently wash it right into the gutter, storm drains, and water bodies. Sweep any type of stray fertilizer back into the grass. Healthy lawns carry out a very good job of holding top top fertilizer particles, even during heavy rain.

DON'T fertilize more often 보다 necessary. for warm-season grasses, fertilize when in spring and once in summer. For cool-season grasses, fertilize as soon as in spring and also once in fall. And also use a mulching mower come return clippings to the lawn. Not just does this save lawn clippings the end of landfills, however it also reduces the need for fertilizer and improves the soil's organic activity.

DON'T usage weed-and-feed in at an early stage spring. It just works on proactively growing weeds (and even then, not too well). Use it too early and also all you'll do is feed the weeds.

Think about it. What other blog can you read that supplies you a humorous anecdote about phosphorus? That's why "The the personality is bad Gardener" continues to be the World's #1 Blog, as tabulated in a officially poll conducted last main by the personality is bad himself.

The story: countless years ago, previous Southern Living Garden Editor Lois Chaplin was creating an article about ways to boost your soil and give that the ideal balance of tree nutrients. One of those nutrients is phosphorus, which us gardening cognoscenti shorten to "P." as soon as Lois began a sentence, "If your soil has actually too much P," our copy editor, Louise, nearly had a stroke. Louise to be terrified the readers could infer that heathens were relieving themselves in the garden.

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Just for this reason you recognize -- no one linked to Southern Living has ever relieved us anywhere. We host it native birth till we explode.