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i have actually a 8HDKAK onan diesel genny...NAPA and Bumper come Bumper cannot uncover the oil filter component number ..Called Onan was a total loss.Camping civilization says it one of two people a 122-0833 or 122-0800.. Bumper come Bumper claims it is one of two people a Wix 51064 or 51762 neither one looks choose the original one ns took off?..any one the end there that deserve to help?peter d

Try phone call a Cummins company shop. They"ll know what girlfriend need and will likely have actually it in stock. It might turn out to it is in a Kubota (sp?) filter.

We have completely different units but the only location I can find the replacement info on mine to be on a little label top top the inside of the panel door spanning the generator....

You might additionally find what you need at the Cummins Onan net site. However, castle don"t have actually every owners manual and also every parts hands-on online.

I"ve got a 7.5 KW Quiet Diesel (mine is a HDKAJ ns believe) and also it uses the 122-0833 filter. Ns think it was the predecessor come the 8kw unit. I can, if girlfriend wish, measure up the filter however that"ll take a few minutes together the motorhome is not at my residence but around 1/2 mile away. I have actually a set of service/part manuals because that the HDKAJ, HDKAK, and also HKAT generator series. No KW ratings, just the series. All three of them use the 122-0833 filter.According to my Onan books, the enlarge NH collection of gensets offers the -0800 oil filter.

Don"t recognize if this will help. The following is indigenous an FAQ on one Onan website.>We listen this a lot! Filter #122-0833 has actually replaced filter #185-5801 andfilter #185-5409. Regardless of the difference in exterior appearance, that willfit your set and the oil ring will provide a appropriate seal.carson FL
According to the Cummins/Onan keep site, the HDKAK collection uses the #122-0833 oil filter. Http:// the way, the IS a Kubota diesel engine in the 7500 and 8000 series.I buy mine Onan filter at the neighborhood Cummins place, i m sorry is additionally a Cummins Coach care facility. They always have what ns need. I just use one a year or so, so the couple dollar extra price (if any) is no worth worried about. I also buy them at an RV rally if I take place to it is in there about the time I"ll require one. Sometimes get a deal there.
Just changed my filter and oil ~ above the 7500 (HDKAK) generator. The takes a WIX (Nappa) 1334 filter or the Onan 122-0833. My initial filter installed at the factory was much smaller than the 122-0833 that changed it. There to be no number on the initial filter. The Wix 1334 (replacement for the Onan filter) and Onan 122-0833 are physically the same simply looking in ~ them other than for the color.

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i have a 8HDKAK onan diesel genny...NAPA and also Bumper to Bumper cannot uncover the oil filter part number ..Called Onan to be a total loss.Camping world says it one of two people a 122-0833 or 122-0800.. Bumper to Bumper says it is one of two people a Wix 51064 or 51762 neither one looks choose the original one ns took off?..any one out there that can help?peter d
I believe we may have the exact same generator you have. To be planning on transforming the oil tomorrow. Ours calls for 122-0833, we cross referenced & purchase a napa yellow 1064. Will understand for certain tomorrow.
Also remember the on every Onan engines the oil filler cap have to be screwed in totally to acquire a appropriate reading on the dipstick.Just a hint...carson FL