Question compose the equivalent fraction with the offered denominator: 11/12 = ?/48.Answer it is important to know the basics behind equivalent portion before attempting to settle this question. You have the right to learn about it here. Now, let's uncover the equivalent portion for 11/12:

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From the equation above, we have the right to see that 11/12 has actually a denominator the 12. We are required to find an equivalent fraction that has actually a denominator that 48.To do so, we recognize that we can multiply 12 v 4 to get 48. This is presented below:

From here, we have the right to see that, if we multiply the denominator in 11/12
v 4, us must also multiply its numerator with 4. This is presented below:

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Feb 10, 2021 Rating
why brand-new by: cotton why didnt you display the prize properly.Ypu worked it out the year 6 method guys.I imply something to help you.Go goolge all the answers and also then create it in.

Feb 09, 2021 Rating
THANKS brand-new by: cotton ive did good on iready many thanks to friend

Feb 01, 2021 Rating
NO just STOP component 2 brand-new by: this is bad I hate THIS due to the fact that I NEED much more ANSWERS TO assist MY children

Feb 01, 2021 Rating
NO just STOP by: this is negative this is hard for my son

january 26, 2021 Rating
Not really an excellent new by: cotton not really great it no really describe the great

Sep 24, 2020 Rating
hmmmmm skech new by: 4th grade college student um it yes, really does not thoroughly explain an ext answers in ~ least have 2 instances

Sep 19, 2020 Rating
I need help (also below to dream(gg because that his 4v1 manhunt)) brand-new by: cotton What walk -11 upon 12(fraction)+11 ~ above 12 same to?

may 27, 2012 Rating
Multiplication by: anonymous my Fractions because that 11/12:22/24 33/36 44/48 55/60 and 121/132. I can go in forever. Infinite.

Nov 14, 2010 Rating
One example is enough by: cotton Actually, the inquiry wasn"t specific. In fact, there space infinitely many equivalent fractions because that 11/12. However, because that the benefits of knowledge the idea behind identical fractions, it is enough to just to give one example. Students should be able to work the end the rest of the fountain themselves.

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